123. The Meaning

Each day, each moment has its value and meaning which are just, as such as is attributed to them by your soul. If you do not live with an open soul, it means you do not live that day, that moment, at all. It is a wasted day or moment if it is not devoted to a meaningful and valuable searching of your own self. You may waste your time on meaningless jobs as much as you like, and ever more degrade rather than rise as a personality. And nobody: either angels, or I, or the Father, in the least measure, shall reproach you for doing it. However, we all teach you, each of you, and we teach you every day, that you would start living meaningfully. You do not even give a thought to the meaningfulness of your life. I have explained to you about the quantity and quality of one’s living. And I urged you to turn it from your quantitative living, when you seek everything only for yourself, or maybe for your own family members, into your qualitative living, when you start living for the whole, even for the whole of creation. It is just this sort of life that is qualitative. And it is only this sort of life that is meaningful.   

However, meaningfulness has also another level which you may call an additional level. You must begin to feel the meaning of every action performed for the expansion, for the knowledge of your own self. You must begin to see the meaning in a sunrise and a sunset, in a rainfall and in a snowstorm, in the dropping of leaves from trees and in the bursting of buds, in the blooming out and the withering of flowers, in people’s anger and love, goodness and evil, joy and sorrow, pain and bliss. You must begin to see the meaning in any environment. It is only the seeing of the meaning that provides the depth of the growth of your character.  

When you begin to notice the meaning, even where there is an opposition to doing the Father’s will, and once you realize that this opposition is the manifestation of one’s immaturity, it is then that you see the meaning of the operation of free will. It is possible to turn away from doing the Father’s will only by one’s own free will, and by this confirm different level of spiritual development of those free-will people who make up your environment. And thank the Father for being given this experience, because of this will. For it is only through this experience that you can test the manifestation of your own free will; whether it will further remain on the path of the knowledge of the Father’s love and truth, or it will choose a simpler and more understandable path – to behave in the manner offered by the ambience. It is just a shade of human evil that can render the meaning to the manifestation of your own free will within the shining light of the Father’s love and truth without a shade.       

When I teach you to notice in every action, even in a bad one, the meaning of that action rather than just the very action, by no means do I teach you to support these actions and repeat them. By discerning the meaning, even in them, you start sensing the difference of your own thinking while comparing your own past and present assessments. This way you can notice the cleanness of the mirror of your own self as to what extent you see in it the image of your true self, to what extent your true self does not support the actions of evil, and what sort of actions, and why, it does not support, and still whether it loves those who perform these acts of evil; whether it feels anger and even hatred for the doers of these actions?   

Love is not the theoretical statement “I love you.” Love is the Father’s real vibrations which begin ever more to reign within your soul that is opening up to the Father. Therefore, the soul begins to love ever more those who are close to it, the members of its own family, and even a greater number of mortals in the whole of its environment. And love needs to be ever grown and expanded, for it is easy to love only those who just do good deeds. However, when you ask yourself sincerely: “Do I love the one who hurt me, hit me, occupied my position in the office and in such an indecent way at that, the one who takes bribes, who commits crimes, who is not the sort, doing the Father’s will the way I do, do I love such a stumbling brother or sister in spirit?” And when you sincerely confess to yourself that you do not yet love him, it will serve as a clarification for you, that even evil enables you to assess the growth of your self, even evil gives you meaning, even evil provides you with a chance to control yourself ever more and to grow to the size which only you realize, for it is only you who can sincerely feel your own inner state.     

And your inner state must reach the one which has been provided to you by the Father, through the bestowal of His spirit, to assist you in revealing your true self. You must begin to feel exactly this very same inner state of love vibrations within yourself for those who are good and do the Father’s will as well as for those who so far are bad and violate the Father’s will. Your inner state must not differ in relation to the doers of these actions once you witness the actions of the former and latter ones. The Father loves them uniformly, even as He loves me, even as I love them uniformly, because I love them with the Father’s love since the Father and I are one. Even as the Father, I, and the whole of creation are one. It is due to this that the sun shines uniformly on both the good and bad, and rain uniformly rains upon both the good and bad. And you, each of you, must feel the very same love vibrations to the good and bad. And these love vibrations in no way must be different from the love vibrations which you radiate to the least of your little children which you fondle while swaying him in your arms with a fatherly or motherly love. It is this very love of the Father that you are directing to your little child. It is not your love. This love of the Father you have privatized. The time has come to let it out into the flight of freedom. It is for this purpose, so that you would be able to do it, that I present these teachings of mine.      

Thanks to these teachings, you will begin to feel and assess ever deeper your own self, your true self, and your animal self. And it is only then that you will sense this enormous path you have walked within your own self once you look at yourself at a certain moment of the past and try to recall your reactions to these very same acts of evil and to the doers of these acts then and now. 

It is only in this way that you will be able to understand that you have liberated yourself from the negative assessment of another person whatever their evil acts might be. It is evil that has helped you grow up as a true child of the Father since you have liberated yourself from it through your relationship with the Father discovered within you. And this live relationship gave you a real experience that your true self started to embrace all uniformly in the Father’s love without any calculation. This way you noticed the meaning, even in evil. However, the benchmarks of evil are left behind in the past ever more, and the vistas of goodness become ever clearer in the future, so that you get convinced ever more that in the future there is nothing but goodness, goodness, and only goodness.  

You must see the meaning absolutely everywhere, even in the existence of insects, such as ants, for they also make up a necessary part of the whole system. The will of the Father comprises the whole. And that which might seem to you cruel and relentless today will also appear in a different light after many thousands of years on this planet. And that which seems to you to be not in conformity with the Father’s will today, will have turned into a marvelous concordance after thousands of years. However, this visible concordance of nature, animal life, and man will not have been achieved in one moment, and will be achieved only by wise decisions. In the course of these thousands of years there will have taken place many painful developments which will have seemed to the participants of these moments as cruel and unjust episodes of the manifestation of the Father’s will.    

Your vision is very narrow and your life span on this world is so short that any deeper and more correct conclusions are beyond your reach since the current environment does not demonstrate such tendencies. Therefore, I desire to expand the framework of your thinking so that you would be able, even within the present environment, to view everything in such a way that you would see the meaning everywhere. There is nothing without meaning. Even each gnat has its meaning, for it is part of the whole system, even though it does not survive, it impacts the whole system by passing to another form of energy manifestation.   

Therefore, everywhere and always see the meaning even though in the present moment and in your present view, everything that transpires on the planet might have no meaning to you, for it far from corresponds to your concept of that which is the will of the Father.

Rather than looking with your own eyes, try to look with those of the Father through your own inner and true self which senses the Father within.

And then you will see that gradually you will begin to notice ever more the meaning in all the actions of the environment.   

Is there a meaning in your actions which ravage nature, and destroy all humanity? If you assess them just superficially you will see no meaning in this destruction. You are cutting off the branch on which you are sitting. And you are not sitting on it alone, or very few of you, but rather all of you, and each of you. Therefore, according to your understanding there cannot be meaning in destroying yourselves and ravaging the ambience this way. However, when a child strikes a match and burns his finger, is there any meaning in this burning? It is painful to the child, he suffers. His parents are worried, they desire to help their child and they comfort him, but the child feels pain all the same. And it causes still greater inner suffering to the parents. They would prefer to feel this pain themselves instead of their beloved little one so that he would not have to suffer this physical affliction. However, it is this burn that has meaning because through this action the child acquired his experience which enables him eventually to hear the frequent warnings of his parents not to play with the matches and even to memorize very well what it means to get burnt by a match flame. This understanding, originating from the experience, made the burn meaningful.       

It is exactly the same with you. While I was in the human flesh among you I did not teach you anything more than I teach you now. I spoke to you then and I speak to you now about the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of men and even as my apostle expanded this teaching of mine to the brotherhood of the whole of creation. However, all the same, the meaning of my teaching did not change as regards its quality. But you did not listen to me, and now you do not listen to your wise brethren as they present my teachings to you. You behave the way little children do when they play with a flame. You do not hear the warnings that this game is hazardous and you can get burned off. Just a match in your hands is nothing, but it is your behavior; of each of you, among yourselves and with nature. I tell you now that you all, and each of you, must turn to your inner selves and discover the Father just within your inner selves. Two thousand years ago I kept telling you all the time: “I shall knock, and whoever opens the door of one’s heart I shall enter.” I did not say that I would pass by. I taught you to open the door of your heart for me to get inside so that I could strengthen you from within rather than from without. And the Father also placed His spirit, the Thought Adjuster, within your mind.      

We can reach you only from within whenever you begin to sense us within your own selves. Since this did not happen, you did not pay any attention to the warnings of your other brethren from without and continued to play a hazardous game with the matches. And the sooner the matches strike, the sooner you burn your fingers, the sooner you hear that which you have been told by many – do not pollute the waters, do not deforest, do not produce chemicals, do not develop weapons, do not kill wild animals, do not annihilate people, do not be heartless, do not sink among material things, and do not do many other things that sooner or later will burn you.     

It will not only burn you, each of you, but will also cause much pain to me, and to my and your Father. However, you pay no attention to our warnings, passed to you through other sons and daughters of the Father, for you continue to design new plans for how to wear out the land, how to destroy forests, how to kill animals and people, just satisfying the whims of your untrue, animal, and selfish self. The match is already burning. It is not a long one. The hands already begin to feel the heat and the fingers start drawing ever back but your selfishness all the same does not want to give up its plans. Therefore it is imminent that the fingers shall get burnt off. And not only of those who have struck this match but even of those children of the Father who have no relationship with them whatever.    

The planet is also a united body. Destruction even of minor species at one end of the planet shall cause repercussions at the other end of the planet. But you, so far the absolute majority of you, do not see this relationship. However, it is real. And it shall strike back painfully to all. This blow would have already been struck but all the time we did our best to prevent it. However, your selfishness has no limits at all.      

You attribute all the achievements of the present civilization to yourselves without even giving a thought to it, that it is due to our leading, only thanks to us, that you receive great ideas and solutions to implement these ideas.

It is those of you who are more receptive to the transmission of our vibrations, who make discoveries and inventions. They do not invent all the thoughts themselves which develop the human civilization. Such thoughts are passed to you via our channels in order for you to have a better life. However, in what way do you subsequently use these ideas? You even arrived at the thought of patenting and by this dared to monopolize ideas and appropriate them only to yourselves, to one or few of you. And you did it just to receive from their application as much money for yourselves as possible.   

However, all the ideas on the development of civilization are given to you that they would belong to all rather than to be privatized by swindlers and deceivers. And in what way are you using all the best thoughts and ideas? In the development of weapons. Even a nuclear reaction of the atom’s fission, you have applied in the manufacture of a bomb, and currently you have become hostage to it as you began to wave it like a savage would wave a club. It is too early for you to possess these ideas. However, that which has been believed that you might use for the benefit of progress you use for selfish purposes. And that is a striking of the match with your own hands. Each good deed might be defamed by a bad motive. Your motives are selfish. Therefore, your civilization is at stake that a burning flame of the match will burn off a very great number of people. And not only will it burn them but also it will burn them completely. But this decision was chosen by you, and freely.

And still, even within this action of an enormous fire, and which is not just a fire of the match any longer, there is the meaning. Through afflictions, through pain, when just less than one third of the whole of mankind remains it will enable this remaining one third of humanity to perceive the consequences of the fire caused by that planetary match and see that which means a recklessly selfish life and the turning away from the Father in one’s heart.        

When I speak of the fire I use this word as a symbolic image which is related to a flame produced by a match. Meanwhile in reality this flame of the fire you will experience in the form of floods, diseases, violence and wars, and chaos and darkness. It is then that you shall need a real and invisible upholder when all that which is seen shall no longer be in the state to lean upon.

Riches shall lose their value within a moment. A dignified position of a boss shall go down as a balloon with its air deflated, presidents and kings shall have no one to rule because the states without their people shall lose the meaning. 

It is in this ambience that those sons and daughters of the living faith of the Father who will feel that strongest and most reliable upholder – the Father – within themselves, and will manifest themselves.

I told you two thousand years ago about the future destruction of Jerusalem. And that destruction did occur. And today I tell you about the destruction of your New Jerusalem – about your present civilization – about the destruction which shall be different from the former physical destruction of the city. That shall be your own selfish choice of the path and the consequences, possessing the traits I have just pointed out, produced by this path.

And that is the meaning of all meaning – even your turning away from the Father will enable others to comprehend the destructiveness of this turning away, and therefore to see the only right direction which always remains only with the Father, in the Father, and in discovering the Father within. It is by your turning away from the Father and by your selfish way of living, that you shall produce the meaning, so that by your meaningless choice and your life directed only to your self rather than to your brethren, you will serve others more than the other brethren served you by teaching you goodness and truth; only unsuccessfully. However, your failure will generate success for those others, who will manage to discern the meaning in the whole of your tragedy so as not to repeat it.