66. Turn Into Being Me

It is then that you shall embark upon my path. And then that my words, “I am that path,” shall become your life rather than the words. While treading on your own life path you will be walking on it being me, not through me, but being me. This way you will begin to live love and truth for you will live as being me. But each of you will be doing your own job, but you will do it being me, with my breath, with my spiritual vantage-point, with my eyesight. You will measure everything by me. And all this will be just a means to reveal ever more the Father’s character of love, truth, and goodness, all of whose activity is devoted to us; to all of us; and to each of us. And the Father is filling up Himself with your goodness and love as a person and personality, even though He is the Source of that love and goodness. He is filling Himself in His wholeness with the accumulation of the manifestation of goodness and love shown to your brethren by each of you. And by this you become similar to the Father. While spreading love and goodness to others you also replenish yourselves with these gifts.    

And I am this yardstick assisting you so that you can reveal the Father better. Turn into being me. And do not elevate and glorify me but rather elevate and glorify the Father even as I elevate and glorify Him. And by this worshipping you also turn into being me. Then, you all begin to really feel within yourselves, that my life in the human flesh could not have been lived otherwise. For you also begin to see meaning where I saw it. And this spiritual insight of yours is not because I teach you this, but because you have the Father’s spirit, Thought Adjuster, even as I had it at that time. It is this spirit that enables the human mind of higher spiritual vibrations to feel profound meaning the way I felt it.     

And having seen this profound meaning of his life, man immediately removes this dead veil that has been hiding his true inner self. Man, himself, gets surprised as to why he walked on this world, saw the sunlight, traveled around different lands for so long, while in reality he was in prison and in darkness, he was blind and deaf for so long. 

And with my current teaching, I am just a step-stone on your path to removing this veil that hides you within your own selves, so that you, each of you, would personally experience the birth of your own true self. This self which is going to the Father, and which, on the way to the Father, will associate with me as with that step-stone to eternity for many thousands of years ahead. Get onto my step-stone, laid before you today already now, without any delay or putting it off for the future. I call on you already now to become Jesuses in your faith and in spreading the Father’s love by good deeds to all. By this you shall make the most crucial decision in your life up to date. And that is the only sacrifice the Father shall receive but He will not receive it as a sacrifice per se, but rather as the most precious gift which can ever exist in the whole of creation, of His love warmed up by your soul. It is for this that you are on this world. This is the meaning of your living; the meaning of all of your eternal life. But the desire is yours, as is the personal decision of your own free will.