140. Expand Your Concept Of Creation

Your present knowledge about me and creation is far from coinciding with reality. Therefore, I desire to explain to you that my universe, that part of creation which I have made together with my Partner that you have not heard of, The Mother Spirit of the Universe, makes up one out of the seven hundred thousand similar universes. You confuse many astronomic terms altogether by claiming that there is only one universe.

However, you do not know anything about life in the universes therefore you cannot divide them on any grounds. Universes are made out of energy. They are not accidental in the cosmos which is also created. You do not know anything about the manipulators of energy, such beings who assisted me, and keep assisting me in ensuring energy balance in our universe. Therefore, now I shall supply you with greater knowledge of the physical structure of the universe.

The whole of creation has leadership in its smaller segments. You must not think that it is only you who have the heads of your states. A cosmic creation is also marvelously governed, even as it does look marvelously beautiful as your eyes see but a very tiny part of it in a night sky when there is no curtain of clouds. However, you do not see any of those myriads of planets which are meant for the control of this magnificent dome. These planets are not shining stars therefore, it is simply impossible to see them with your vision. But you must understand that if your planet which is so backward in its thinking has its own government, the more so God’s creation must have its own government. You must not think that God is such who does not create more worlds, perfect worlds. And what is the meaning of creating them if they were not inhabited by other than your life forms? Therefore, these life forms must also have their activity corresponding to their level and to their capabilities. That is why these worlds must also be of a corresponding level so that this life form might apply its corresponding capabilities.

As you watch and analyze the results of your activity, as well as the activity itself, you can perceive at least to a small degree that your activity is far from that sort which you would desire it to be were you a miracle maker, capable of making everything within an instant. And not only to make it very quickly but rather to make such a thing about which you can only dream since this thing has never been made by anyone. For instance, you would like to fly to other worlds, associate with other live organisms on these worlds, because even now you look for different evidence of the existence of life on other planets, evidence of some others who visit your world. You would like to see your friends and your dear ones who live far away from you, to know how they are doing at the time. You would like your job to be easier to do by such means that would help you do them within a glimpse, and very well. You would desire never to be ill, and while having fallen ill, to recover immediately so that your body would not experience any pain and suffering. And such means do exist only you cannot yet master them since your methods of energy control are very crude and primitive. However, there are such worlds and such beings that control energy perfectly, and that about which you dream is an ordinary arena of their activity. You cannot achieve this level of energy command while in the flesh; since it is the very initial form of life which cannot control energy. It can only make an attempt, to a little degree, to change one form to another. But even in this case it must develop its own spiritual level for otherwise even a very primitive change of energy from one form to another might destroy you as physical organisms.

Now you try to use energy only for the destruction of others. You were allowed, prematurely, for an experiment, to discover nuclear energy of atomic fission. However, even this very hazardous reaction to your physical bodies you primarily used for producing a weapon rather than for meeting your own needs. Your backward spiritual level dictates to you your selfish decisions, even in mastering different energy methods. At the same time those groups, or states, after having reached at least some superiority in this sphere, right away attempt to dictate their conditions to the countries which are less developed, in order to achieve the implementation of their own interests in their association with these less developed lands.

That is not the principle of the operation of the law of the Father’s love. This way you cannot develop your planet, even economically, for instead of receiving our assistance in tackling your different problems of mastering energy on a higher level, you will not get it since it has been stopped and you will not discover the new methods of mastering energy which would enable you to visit other planets having life, so that you would not use them for annihilation as well.

Your planet is not only experimental, which is usually every tenth planet inhabited by humans, but in addition it has been isolated from the interplanetary communication circuits and from the communication circuits of the local system for over two hundred thousand years. Therefore, it was only in experimental order that you were allowed to know the method of receiving nuclear energy. However, now we see that this method has been granted to you prematurely. The planet which has been in spiritual isolation for so long, while even possessing a high level of material civilization, is no different from a child who plays with matches on an enormous stack of hay.

However, you are not the only ones in creation. And not all are only on the initial stage of their spiritual development. Therefore, you must know that there is a great multitude of other places and worlds in creation where you will be able to carry out your present boldest dreams. There is not a single thought of yours, even the most fantastic, which subsequently you would not be able to implement in reality. Your fancy is nothing more than your idea ahead of its time and place. But it is a real fragment of reality. Only it is a fragment which is not of this world, since creation has a multitude of places, a multitude of worlds where you will also be able to implement that which presently your mind would consider to be a miracle and science fiction.

Since all worlds have their spiritual leaders, it goes without saying that these leaders must be more developed than the ordinary inhabitants of that world, in order to be able to provide them with governing, matching their level. And this level can be provided only by such leaders who are themselves of a higher level. Otherwise there would be no growth. Therefore, after your resurrection from the sleep of death of your physical body, once you receive your new form, a soul form, which will not have a material body any longer, a theoretical and practical education on a multitude of other worlds-universities awaits you so that after having reached the center of the whole of creation – Paradise – you would be perfectly trained, not only to govern different segments of a physical creation, to employ such types of energy of which you have no knowledge at the present time, but also to serve the least of the creatures of creation; humans, such as yourselves at the moment. And to serve them with the same Father’s love which can also be felt for you, by those least among the least creatures of creation 

Physical creation is so enormous that the Father divided it into many different segments. And each segment, together with the other similar segments, makes up a corresponding category as regards its governance. Therefore, you do not know that there are seven-hundred-thousand universes similar to mine. And they are supplied with energy to be able to normally operate. However, my universe also has smaller segments, and even itself, is one of the segments of still greater units throughout creation. And all this is divided, because energy emitted from the physical source of energy – Paradise – is very powerful. Therefore, it is necessary to lower it so that it might be adapted to the lower constituent parts. And the farther away from Paradise out into cosmic space, the lower or weaker manifestation of this very same energy must receive smaller constituent parts. It has to be done so that the lowest life form – a material life – would not be destroyed. Already now you do realize what a grave danger an atomic-nuclear energy poses to your material life.

The way the energy, being emitted from Paradise, is being transformed ever lower down to the very lowest level of your sun by similar stages, but by manifold more sophisticated ones, the spiritual manifestation of the Father is lowered through ever smaller segments of creation down to such planets which are inhabited by material life which receives its beginning from a life plasm and due to the method of evolution develops up to man, capable of becoming a son or daughter of God, and after the death of his material body, he experiences his resurrection with his own self which has existed in that material body, and he continues his progress to Paradise to the Father in the form of the soul, and still later in the form of the spirit.

And this entire path of growth extends via higher worlds, which are all in a cosmic space but not as separate and isolated units but rather as those interconnected into adequate and higher constituent parts, while proceeding to the center of creation. And all these units are provided with a necessary amount of energy, with its corresponding supervisors and regulators as well as with an adequate structure of government and the beings ensuring this government.

And as you progress from the very lowest level of creation to its very center, even to the Father, you must be certain that every new and ever more beautiful world, assimilated by you, gives you a hint that this beauty will grow along your path. Therefore, the governing as well as those living and real spiritual personalities ensuring the rule of those ever more beautiful worlds will also become more beautiful and grow in the depth of their wisdom.

I am known to you by the name of Jesus Christ. However, my real spiritual status is the status of a Creator Son. I have already explained earlier that I was created by God the Father and God the Son whom some of you confused with my person. God the Son as a Person, as The Second Person of the Paradise Trinity, is always on Paradise. He does not ever move out of Paradise personally. However, he has his own representatives in the other segments of creation. And these Sons of the Father, even as my order, represent him.

And it is the Father to whom you progress. And you cannot reach the Father otherwise but by having earlier perceived who the Eternal Son, namely this very same God the Son, is. But you will not be able to perceive him before your comprehension of me, still billions of worlds for you to go till your comprehension of him. You, any one of you, will not be able to leave the boundaries of my local universe until you perceive me and before you stand in the form of the spirit in my presence. Already in the form of an eternal spirit, rather than as a soul, with the same self who today just starts in my local universe, in the very initial universe where your testing takes place, this journey to the Father, to eternity – at first in the form of a human material creature possessing free will, then, if you have faith, after your resurrection in the form of the soul. And it is only after your complete testing in the form of the soul that in my universe you will turn into an eternal spirit. And I shall personally see you off to proceed further on and into your career of a higher universe; to the next stage of your studies. Only to a much longer stage than the one you will have spent in my universe. You will set off to the minor sectors of the superuniverse. And after you assimilate their teachings you will move on to the major sectors. And from them you will proceed to the superuniverse; to the very center of the Milky Way galaxy. However, after this intensive training you will journey still further on – to the divine universe, the central universe.

And all these constituent parts of creation have their material worlds of a tremendous beauty. Even though your spiritual development ever grows and deepens, still all the time you will live and operate on material worlds. They are not seen to your astronomers. However, all these worlds are splendidly provided with necessary energy and with wonderful leaders and spiritual teachers who will present to you spiritual teachings of a higher level. And all this will transpire on real, material worlds which make up part of the physical energy of creation, transformed into these, invisible to your astronomers, and that is why they are unknown to them, worlds of your future living and learning.

And only while traveling through creation and getting a greater knowledge of it you will notice how little is known about it by your present-day astronomers and therefore how many wrong conclusions are drawn by them. But they need to be told many good words at least for their steadfast effort to discover other worlds. However, one’s steadfastness is not sufficient. It is necessary to have faith in the Father and a much deeper and more thorough comprehension of physical creation.