22. What Is God?

The time has come for all of you to know that what you call God is nothing else but the Supreme Consciousness that has the Divine Consciousness. The Divine Consciousness is also the Universal Consciousness. And all this makes up the Absolute Consciousness taken together. That is what you understand as God. Yes, that is the Source of love and knowledge; the Personal Source who, being a personality, can also create other personalities to associate with by keeping a multilateral relationship, by governing all the creation. 

In order that the Absolute Consciousness could participate in the activity of the creation He must split into the Universal Consciousness and the Divine Consciousness. The Universal Consciousness embraces all that part of the creation which according to your understanding is an inanimate part of the creation, such as a solid matter and a soft matter, including a liquid and gaseous matter. The Divine Consciousness embraces that part of the creation that is the animate matter, the substance of the soul, and the manifestation of the spirit. The Absolute Consciousness makes up that part of creation that will appear in the future during all the future eternity and infinity; and these three types of consciousness manifestations make up that which is God. It is only consciousness that can love, be a personality, be a person, can create and acknowledge. Anything less than consciousness is non-reality, for reality is made up only of these three types of consciousness – the universal, divine, and absolute.

God is reality, therefore consciousness is reality. What is non-consciousness is not God and that is not reality. That cannot ever exist in any way. Reality is existence in the past, present, and future. Non-reality is non-existence in the past, present, and future. But there is not, and cannot be, such a thing as a real non-reality because the Absolute Consciousness embraces as God, everything; and due to this there cannot be anything that would not be embraced. Therefore there cannot be anything that cannot exist.

Everything is in motion and in operation due to Consciousness and within Consciousness. And there cannot be anything that can shoot out beyond the boundaries of Consciousness.