67. Let Us Worship The Father Together

It is a great pleasure for me to provide you a simple truth that is well understood by all of you by means of these teachings. And I do desire that you would comprehend these very words even the way I comprehend them – I am not your ruler, but I am your senior brother. My Father is even your Father, the Father of all, and the Father of each. We are all His one and loving family. And the family He loves. The time has come that you would not only comprehend my words I am telling you but also instead of worshipping me you should really begin to worship the Father. I worship Him as well. Therefore, I am very sincerely urging you all – join me in worshipping my and your Father and let us worship Him all together; always sincerely, out of heart, with an open soul, and from its very depth.  

Worshipping is the supreme desire of your soul, and spirit, once it is all open as if it were transparent, once there is nothing else remaining within but an infinite desire to fuse with the Father as close as possible when your inner self is speaking and which during all the time to fairly many of you is hidden under a veil seen to one’s material eyes; and the actions motivated by jealousy, anger, irritation, fear, selfishness, a strong desire to do wrong to others, to achieve a goal at any cost, striving for a material wealth to feel your self-significance and established position, seeking power, to satisfy your desires at the expense of others, and many other turbid qualities that hide your true self and grip you painfully from within.

And once your true self is in bloom in all its sincerity, in its relationship with the Father, while worshipping Him, and nobody else but Him, then this true self, within itself, is experiencing the true qualities of its character which are necessary for this self to associate with its other brethren within all the vast family of the Father. It is then that such a soul that has risen from the low frequency vibrations of its ego to the higher vibrations of its consciousness, experiences that live and ever more connecting bond with the Father by means of the whole of its selfness and fullness, ever expanding and deepening, so that these very same vibrations of its consciousness are always growing and striving for a sensation of still higher vibrations when the soul can freely rise beyond the present material environment which is so hard to your human ego.           
This type of the Father’s worship is the expression of your soul’s love for the Father and for the whole of creation. The soul does not ask for anything at all. It is merely flying to the Father, fusing ever more with the most supreme and purest love vibrations radiated to it by the Father’s consciousness through His spirit, your Thought Adjuster. This way your soul is beginning to taste the Father’s love and desires for this communion of the infinite sweetness ever more.  

The Father’s worshipping is a living relationship, and it is not a ritual invented by your mind. Therefore, your soul is able to experience that which is live and even at the same time, as the most real and most living aspect of the manifestation of your true self. It can develop on and grow in and through this live relationship with the Father. Therefore I am sincerely urging you to start the worshipping of the Father, already today.    

Know it, whenever you are worshipping the Father, individually or in a group, I am also worshipping the Father, through my Spirit of Truth. The Father has given me the power, even the way He can be, through His spirit, Thought Adjuster, within you, to be present, through my Spirit of Truth, together with you, wherever and whenever you might be. Therefore, I have the only desire that you could also experience this live relationship with the Father of all, and of each, that I have experienced while I was among you in the human flesh.