79. Spiritual Leaders Are Real Yet, So Far, Invisible

How many scientific forums have you held to which you have invited your brethren who have already discovered the Father within themselves, and who have even been born of the spirit, to be able to explain to you how to tackle the issues of world politics, economy, science, education, and family? Not a single one. No forum of this sort has been held.

Having put on nice clothes you hold expensive reception parties to the participants of such political, economic, and religious forums, you spend billions on guarding the bodies of political leaders, you spend trillions on producing the arms, drugs, alcohol, on the manufacture of gambling machines, and you do not even have an idea that by these very same actions you are swinging the vessel that is already in a disastrous situation in the stormy waves of the ocean. 

You do not comprehend it by yourselves, without the assistance of those who have a relationship with the Father, and with me. You do not want to hear them. You do not desire to let them into your forums and into your activity. This is the decision of your own free will.

However, you already know that in the Father’s creation, which your world is also in, and in which everyone is operating, the principle of cause-action-consequence is based on the only law throughout the Father’s creation; on the law of love.  

What happens when a law, designed by you, is broken? You make certain decisions and the one who has violated the law, designed by you, experiences some consequences. It is the same with the law of love that operates within the Father’s creation. If you violate it the consequence will inevitably follow. However it will not be due to punishment on the part of the Father but rather due to the operation of the principle of cause-action-consequence within creation. You have such sayings: “You get what you ask for.” “If you pour out anger you shall reap anger.” Do you think these sayings are without any reason?   

Therefore, if, even due to your ignorance, you break the law of the Father’s love, do you really think that you will not reap the consequences of your own unwise actions? Of course, you will.

And remember, you will reap these consequences because it is you who are behaving one way or another rather than the Father punishing you. The Father is love only. And He never punishes anyone. He only loves. And He loves all in the same manner. He loves you too. And you punish yourselves by your ignorance. And to begin to eliminate your ignorance start inviting to your forums such brethren of yours who see much deeper and further than you can even imagine. Without their assistance you shall really sink your vessel of economy, politics, and family.   
Give up this type of thinking, which is harmful to you, that it is only the big states of the world that can influence the world political and economic affairs. Even one man has impact on these affairs once he submits himself to doing the Father’s will, is born of the spirit, and consecrates his will to doing the will of the Father; not to speak of the whole state of such born-of-the-spirit sons and daughters of the Father.

It is particularly a small state that enjoys priorities over the big one for it is only in a small state that it is possible to introduce decisions of men quicker within its economic, political, and family spheres. And while taking part at different world functions and forums such representatives of a small state will deliver their experiences and ideals, and not only ideas, to the huge countries of the world as well. You must always keep in mind that they will be doing it in the Father’s name and in my name. Therefore, their thoughts will be clear, understandable, and full of vibrations of the Father’s love. And all people of good will shall feel these vibrations and favor these ideals and back up their ideas. And not only at these forums but also within their own states, since these ideas will be delivered by the mass media and they will even be passed from person to person.  

Now, you have no faith in the Father, and you pray to me while just performing a dead ritual rather than out of heart. Therefore it is difficult for you to understand that my words, that I speak to you now, in reality is that truth that you are going to live in and that you will also contribute ever more to its manifestation throughout the world. And it shall be this way. I cannot act instead of you. I merely point you the direction of your acting and provide you the teaching that is also always received by my apostle. He also receives the teaching from the Father, and he receives it as His ambassador.    

This idea surprises you very much and it is hard for you to believe but reality is such that at the present time I, even as the Father, can give you our teachings this way so that you can hear them. The time shall come when such teachings will be received by each of you. Meanwhile now we use such persons whom we have prepared, without violating their free will, and influencing them from within only by the impulses of love vibrations.

Therefore you must be certain that at the present time on your planet there are also such people who can receive these teachings by direct communion with us and even who live these teachings and thus they have already confirmed their certainty by their own experience and witness all this by their living. Therefore, they are our representatives who can counsel you, help you, and who can ask us how to make a better contribution for the benefit of the whole. That is why we need such brethren of yours who are completely devoted to us and who experience love. It is they who help us expand the vast spiritual family of the Father among all men. It is them that you will recognize from their unselfish and full of love vibrations and deeds. And you will start trusting them ever more; even as I trusted you when I was among you in the human flesh two thousand years ago.