156. My Second Coming

And when I spoke to you about my second coming, about my return among you I told you that I would return when I am in glory and power, and when man can see me with the eyes of the spirit. Now I am in glory and power. However, you are not yet ready to see me with the eyes of the spirit, and you still need to reach that high degree of faith in the Father to be able to see me with the eyes of the spirit.

Even then my coming will not be in the flesh, it will only be in a form which you will be able to see and perceive the way some of you saw me after my resurrection and after my ascension to the Father. Now my coming will be in grandeur so that my luminosity will be so glorious and mighty that without your spiritual preparation you would be deprived of speech, you would faint and lose your consciousness. My coming to you, who are spiritually unprepared to see me in this form, would cause a world-wide shock of a spiritual nature and that of energy.

My energy form, or as you say my body, as of one of the Universe Creators and Sovereigns, who currently governs the universe even as the Father would govern it were He personally present in the universe rather than governing it through me, has such a powerful and high-vibration charge that it would change the currently existing energy balance of the whole planet. In order to intervene in the energy field of the planet as little as possible it is necessary to raise the vibrations of your own souls, to bring them closer to the vibrations of the Father and of mine.

You also must start to make use of ecological energy even as now you are just beginning to apply solar and wind energy. However this energy is still far off from the energy which awaits you when you raise your own soul vibrations which also will provide you with a very useful form of energy. You also will start to employ energy from the energy circuits which stretch out throughout the whole of creation. It is then that you will approach the moment when I might appear before you in glory and power bestowed upon me by the Father.

I shall not appear before you to satisfy your curiosity. I shall also come on my mission – to expand your concept of the Father and of my role while serving the Father. I shall give you my further teachings which will still strengthen you who have already embarked upon this path. And the whole of the universe, even the Father himself, shall be watching my second coming in the form which will be easily understood by and familiar to man. Such event has never happened in any of the universes, that a Creator Son after his incarnation in the form of a helpless babe, born of a woman, would grow up as a mortal of that planet, complete his mission, and would promise to return again to the same planet for a second time. This will be a new thing to all – to me, and to you.

Therefore I must prepare myself very intensively for this, my second coming. You also must do it. And in which way you must get ready for it you already know from these teachings of mine.

However, together with the Father, I shall provide you with still one more sort of assistance on your spiritual path. Until my second coming to you, the Father and I send you another Son, who in the human flesh, will lead you on the spiritual path of love and truth. He will appear among you soon, not after a long time. Even the men of this generation will be able to hear about him, and some of them will even work together with him, will associate with him so that the experience of the spirit would be passed to your souls, and that you would be able to pass your experience on to your other brethren. And the appearance of this brother in spirit of mine shall strengthen you, and he will call on many of you to the spiritual service of justice, in a scale unseen among you to date.

And such a spiritual path will also make my second coming sooner. You must not be engaged in guessing as to when I will appear among you again and passively wait for me, but rather you must do your best to stride on the path of your spiritual enlightenment. You must not await my second coming but rather help others feel the meaning of the spiritual path, so that by this spreading of spiritual light you would contribute to making the time of my second coming closer. It is only you who shall determine my coming to you again. You will be the only ones who will have seen for the second time, not only the Son of God, but also the Son of the Father in Glory and Power with the eyes of your spiritual vision.
* * * * * * * * * * * *