135. After Your Resurrection

When from time to time you ponder as to what eventually awaits you after the so-called death, you cannot envision anything definite since there is no evidence of it from your beloved ones who already earlier set off on this path. Therefore, now I shall give you some sketches of your future life, which to many of you, will seem as a wonderful life on Paradise. However, it is not the true Paradise which is the goal and destiny of your journey.

You already know that a pass to the hall of resurrection is your faith, only faith. And when you have faith, when you begin to lead, rather than a quantitative life, accumulating everything only for yourself – wealth, only for yourself, popularity, only for yourself, pleasures, only for yourself, and any experiences offered by your life, only for yourself – a qualitative life, devoting everything to the whole – sharing your wealth with the whole, possessing power only because you might spread your light to others and make living easier for all, rather than striving for popularity; associating with all in love, and therefore feeling both love and respect from others, devoting all your life to meaningful service to the Father and creation – in this case your resurrection is ensured.    

When you lead your meaningful life while keeping a live relationship with the Father, you are sensing His reality out of the living vibrations of love. And if, in addition, you keep a constant communion with Him in order to hear His teachings, to talk with Him like you do with your brethren, then this living relationship is only strengthening. And while leading this type of life you are nearing the completion of the vital energy of your material body, you know for sure when this will happen. But you do not feel any anxiety. You feel a pleasant quiver and excitement in a similar way as you now feel before a long and wonderful journey during which you expect, and even sense, that there will surely be wonderful experiences, impressions, and pleasant sights.     

And you also begin to prepare for this journey. You finish all your affairs which have not yet been completed so that those of your dear ones who remain here would not need to rack their brains as to what you have not yet done and what they would have to do, but they do not even know what to begin with, for many affairs have not been discussed, and some of them are not even known to them to have been started at all. In a word, you behave very wisely and explain to them in love that your passing away from here is approaching.  

Your peace and devotion as a living example shall witness to your dear ones that everything is possible with the Father and even one’s death is not such an end when the dying one vanishes into the unknown and never exists any longer as this same self. It is this sort of death that you are currently presented with even by the religion which calls itself by my name, even though it is divided by different rituals and regard death differently. Some of you, even bring food right to the grave yard for those who have already departed, and desire to feed the soul of the departed one, even though you bring food to the grave of a material body. Others put saucers on the table, also cherishing a desire to feed the one who has been dear to you and who is not any longer among you.     

The seraphim angels guard you and help you in this life by ever stimulating you to show confidence, and for the benefit of the Father, to cross still another intersection of decisions which are offered to you. However, they do not finish their angelic work of guardianship even after the death of your body. They safeguard your soul which is unconscious, and without its form, within themselves, for they have this ability which is possessed by the angels only of their order, so that the identity vibrations of the souls, not yet resurrected from the sleep of death, are accumulated within them and await the verdict as to the resurrection of the soul. The verdict on the soul resurrection is pronounced on the third day after the death of the body.  The seraphim, while awaiting the verdict, arrive into the resurrection hall of the local system, which is on the first mansion world of your Local System of Satania. And their preparation for your resurrection is very intensive, and it will be attended not only by the seraphim but even by other spirits related to manipulating energy and providing a life form. Therefore, your new body will be prepared by the Morontia Energy Supervisors, Life Carriers, Melchizedeks, and some other spiritual beings associated with providing you with a higher type of a morontia mind after your resurrection.

When the verdict on your resurrection, as well as anyone else’s, is received, because the number of those resurrecting tops millions, a marvelously exciting activity begins in the resurrection halls that is beyond understanding even for the spirits taking part in this very process of awakening. Each spirit knows his task and performs it perfectly without any mistakes for it is not the process of spiritual growth when it is possible to do something better or worse. This process is possible to perform only the way it is possible to perform it. Therefore, it has to be attended not only by one spirit, so that each of them would make his own contribution to your resurrection, the contribution which that spirit is capable of and qualified for.       

The resurrection of the soul identity is not such an act as an awakening of a sleeping human after a deep and prolonged sleep by softly urging him to wake up. It is a very sophisticated process of transformation and adjustment of energy which has to correspond to the potential of the consciousness of a new quality, which is being formed up, and to a life vehicle of that consciousness, matching the energy vibrations of the potential of that consciousness after the resurrection of the soul identity. Therefore, the process itself progresses stage by stage rather than at one time. Once the spirits of one category are through with their work, the other ones start operating instead of them. Even your material body which needs about nine months to be formed up within the womb of the mother is an energy mechanism of extraordinary complexity possessing a life sparkle of Deity which is not just keeping up the vitality of this sophisticated system, its growing, its accumulation of experiences, but even is capable of assessing as to what is goodness and evil. The mechanism of the soul life is much more complex and subtler than your material body. Therefore, it is impossible to create it by the same means which are used to create a living material body.   

This soul body is not just being created, it is being created personally for you, each of you, so that after the resurrection of your soul identity, your consciousness, which has disconnected itself when your material body has exhausted all its vital energy vibrations and your brain ceased emitting any impulses, once it is restored, or to put it in a more specified way, is encircuited into the life energy circuits, has to match the energy vibrations particularly of your consciousness and not anyone else’s. It would be very crude, but you may compare it to the situation when one’s heart is transplanted and then it is awaited to determine if there is a reaction of its rejection, whether the body will accept this fundamental part, ensuring the blood circulation, taken from another body. Only this comparison is very relative because your consciousness shall certainly receive the energy vehicle which will perfectly match its vibrations, and even such a vehicle which will be possible to change for an ever subtler one, so that it would correspond to ever growing vibrations of your consciousness.          

Once your resurrection is completed, the spirit of the Father, your personal Thought Adjuster who led you as the Good Pilot through all the storms and calamities during your human life while indwelling your material mind, again returns to the higher level of your soul-mind which is no longer material. Since the spirit of the Father knows you from within, even better than you can know yourselves, since he knows all your thoughts, therefore contrary to your material mind, which was and is so poorly developed that many of your thoughts you forget very soon, the Thought Adjuster preserves them and does not lose a single one. It is this copy of all your thoughts, preserved by the Thought Adjuster that enables the disclosure of the motives of your earthly life when it is necessary to pass a judgment whether or not to resurrect your soul. Therefore, the Thought Adjuster after his return to your consciousness brings back a cleaned copy of your former thoughts and concepts. Since a great multitude of your previous thoughts were unnecessary lumber, they are cleaned off and only those, which are meaningful to the current development of your character, are left.            

However, this does not mean that the copy of your thoughts is in any way improved. You are just given back only those thoughts with which you must renew your spiritual progress to Paradise, since, for short, it has been cut by the death of your material body. And out of your previous thoughts, the ones which would enable you to perceive the price and meaning of your decisions in the past are left to you. Here I might also give you the following comparison of cleaning grain as the chaff is sifted away from it. However, not all grain is good either. The same applies to your thoughts when a lumber is separated as chaff, because it is these meaningless thoughts which occupy much room in your earthly life that are cleaned. However, among the thoughts which are left, there are plenty of those which are as a rotten grain from which no one can get flour and bake bread. But it is for this purpose that the next stage of your spiritual growth – the stage of one’s soul life – is meant. Death as your personal experience did not provide you with any spiritual growth. As the body dies, after the resurrection of the soul identity, its consciousness in no way is different from the level of that consciousness when the body ceased operating as the material vehicle of that consciousness.       

Therefore, after your resurrection the new vehicle of your soul shall precisely correspond to the energy vibrations of your consciousness. And there shall be no reaction of rejection.   

However, in order that you do not feel anxiety after the soul resurrection, you will be granted a possibility to see your seraphim angels who so carefully supervised and guarded you from without in your earthly life, and you will even receive a guide in your new life who will help you get acquainted with the ambience.

The new energy vehicle of your soul is a much more beautiful form than the material body you have possessed. Your energy radiation is of a much higher frequency than the vibrations which have been emanated from your material body. Since you do not have any material part, your nutrition will be based on a completely different principle. You are not yet ready to sustain yourselves exclusively with the energy provided by the energy circuits, therefore the food you consume has also a much higher energy vibration as compared to that of your present material food. You still have to recuperate the energy which you wear out by means of your sleep and food.     

Your new body, even though of a much higher standard than your present material one, is not so highly developed to be eternal. And that which is not eternal must be sustained by food and keep its energy balance by sleeping. Your new body might also experience energy disruptions which you might compare with your current mechanical traumas, injuries. However, it will not experience diseases any more. It will not experience that which your material brain experiences as pain, which you currently still experience while running into physical traumas.  

Once you are given a chance, right away after your resurrection, to get acquainted with your new world you will also be provided with the assistance of your new leader-guide. It is thanks to him that you will be able to understand what a wonderful environment is revealed before you. Your vision will be expanded, therefore you will see much more and experience much more in comparison with your present ability to see and experience. You will understand the explanations of your guide just because you will receive a translator who is well known to you as your angel seraphim. Seraphim angels know all the human languages perfectly.  

The means of transportation are beyond your current understanding. When you travel from one world to another then you are carried by the transporter angels while traveling from one place to another on the same world you will have to use the individual means of transportation of that world that are difficult of portrayal to you since you have not encountered morontia energy at all. 

Even though it is a very crude comparison, try to envision your body of much higher vibrations so that its material parts and the whole body disappear but instead of it there appears a light form which is shining, and this shining form is placed into another shining form which can carry it at an incredibly high speed from one place to another thousands of kilometers away from each other. And this form of the carrier is also conscious and wise. It is not such which still needs another pilot or driver because the carrier is both the pilot and the means carrying the personality of the soul. Moreover, it can change the direction of the flight and even its speed, as such need comes up, and it produces no audible sound to a material ear. And it can land anywhere and at any time according to the need. It is beyond your perception that there can exist such means of transportation which is capable of covering distances of thousands of kilometers without making any noise characteristic of your aircraft and who is the wise pilot as well as the means of transportation.

When you travel around this world which is your first world, you will notice what a harmonious gamut of colors there is in the plants and animals there, which also have a higher frequency of energy vibration which corresponds to your expanded vision. You will see thousands of tints among animals and plants. You will keep wondering as to how the plants are arranged according to their colors and height, according to their form and density, according to the environment and its needs. 

What you will certainly not see there is the high-rises which you have designed in your contemporary large cities. You will see magnificent buildings which you will admire by their form and embellishment which you have never seen before on your present planet. And you will notice how the form fits its function. The environment is harmoniously combined where dwelling houses are built there are plants and animals, many open spaces, and water reservoirs. Within an area of activity, buildings are suited for the fashion of that activity. You will watch it as if it were a well-adjusted live system. In each place, one sort of activity seems to be replicating the previous one yet supplementing it with something different. This is a world of learning; a world of theoretical studies and of their practical application. Therefore, in some places you will see a certain activity progressing in the groups of those who, like you, have been recently resurrected and who have already acquainted themselves with the world and started their own practical progress to Paradise on this higher level than the one in your first world.    

You will also see those who, like you, watch with great interest those who already operate on a practical level. Your guide will explain to you as to what sort of activity is in progress and what type of buildings you see, as well as what they are embellished with. And you will be greatly surprised that diamonds, gold, platinum, so greatly valued by you, and even metals unfamiliar to you are used for the embellishment of the buildings there.    

Since this material world is the first world after your resurrection, and all the worlds are material, only their chemical elements become more varied the farther away from your initial and present world, while progressing closer to Paradise, which is the center of creation, and that is why you will see a great multitude of material structures. In addition, since you embark upon your path to Paradise as a material mortal, therefore throughout eternity you will maintain your ability to recognize material structures and any matter, even the simplest. And it is also due to this that at the initial stage of your spiritual growth, which comprises the stage of your soul testing until you become an eternal spirit, you are still closer to a material creature than to a spirit of the supreme level, that is why there will be plenty of material structures on the worlds of your studies even though their number will ever decrease. However, as their number goes down exponentially their architecture and embellishment will become subtler and greater.      
And your own dwelling houses will have not only material forms of energy expression but also those of the morontial energy expression. You will dwell in separate houses with a vast space and plenty of vegetation around them so that in your ambience you could form out of them your concepts of beauty in accordance with your spiritual growth. And you will do it with love and desire. You also will adjust the animal life to the environment. Therefore, even the way you combine the animal life with the plant life, and by the manifestation of your personal efforts, it will be possible to judge to what extent your creative idea is implemented in your ambience. You will enjoy all the possibilities provided to you for everything. Even for those very dreams which you had no chance of carrying out during your earthly life. Everything will be based on your personal desire – whether you still want to carry out your fancies which were not carried out. 

And you will be surprised by each new step in your growth. You will reveal for yourselves ever more that you become ever better. It might seem to you that the limit of goodness has already been reached, but after it is achieved, a new and still greater limit of the manifestation of goodness opens up. Now you have a difficulty associating among yourselves even though you associate with the people who are well known to you and who make up your human family, your dear ones, your colleagues, your neighbors, your brethren you encounter on the street.

However, your association has exclusively the tint of selfishness. You do not know how to devote yourselves to each other so that you could establish such an association which would supply others with greater self-confidence and trust. You hurt others by offending them, physically injuring them, and even taking away life from each other which has been given to you for sharing the Father’s love with each other. Therefore, you have not yet started to expand the boundaries of goodness but rather suppressed them altogether, and goodness does not manifest itself among you the way it shall.    

Therefore, it will be strange and pleasant for you when you start experiencing on the new world of your spiritual growth in the form of the soul, that the feeling of anxiety and distrust gets ever weaker and is replaced by that of a deeper understanding and trusting of each other. Your surprise will be even greater since you will associate with the souls that will have come from different worlds. Thus, this variety will also enable you to know life on other worlds. And the level of your spiritual growth and maturity will ever expand the depth of your vision of the environment because you will discover that you notice ever more such activity which earlier has absolutely eluded you. The same applies to the beauty of the environment – plant life and animal life. It will seem to you that it has become more abundant and more varied. However, the greatest surprise will be the fact that you will be happy about all this and share your happiness with your other associates which you have not done earlier because you had no need for it.             
Your spiritual growth from within also corresponds to your personal desire to share all your kindness and goodness with others. Therefore, you will desire to participate in the creation of this beauty ever more and you will volunteer for missions as soon as there is a need for such missions. And this need will always arise as you receive new knowledge so that you might apply it in practice. Your present striving for avoidance of jobs very soon will be replaced by your desire to volunteer for jobs for the benefit of the whole. And this desire will be so natural that you will keep wondering at your new attitudes. However, it is just the very beginning.    

And once you acquire information and learn to practically apply this assimilated information for the benefit of the whole on one world, because it is only theoretical information applied in practice, following the principle of cooperation, which is considered as the assimilated information, then your angel seraphim will submit a petition for examining the level of your spiritual growth. And after a successfully passed examination, you will proceed to another world of higher spiritual development. You will be carried to another world by the transport angels who can carry spiritual and soul, or morontia, beings for long distances when these beings cannot cover such distances by themselves. While traveling, you will be asleep in a similar way as you will have been asleep during your death sleep while being carried by your seraphim to the resurrection world. Only now you will already have a morontia, or soul, form. Therefore, you will be carried by the transport angel rather than by your seraphim. However, your seraphim will also accompany you. And so that you would not get tired while traveling and use your energy, your consciousness will be disconnected. Therefore, once your consciousness is restored, on another world, you will feel like after a sound sleep.     
And on this world everything will start anew in a similar manner as on the first world. You will be given a chance to get acquainted with the environment of this world and after this, your spiritual level will be tested as to whether it corresponds to, or exceeds, the teaching provided on this world. If it exceeds it, then you will travel to still another world. However, after each restoration of your consciousness, after the travel sleep, the energy vehicle of your soul is of a higher energy vibration so that your vision and senses would be correspondingly expanded and adapted to the needs of a higher spiritual teaching. Therefore, your ability to see and experience will grow all the time. But you will never lose the possibility and your ability to see the lower energy forms which you used to see on a lower level of your spiritual development. The divine plan provides that evolutionary creatures, on the path of their spiritual growth, do not scatter away their experiences so that the level previously passed would disappear, but rather embraces a lower level as such which is superimposed by a higher one preserving it throughout eternity. Therefore, even after having reached Paradise and having become perfected spirits, you will still be able to see material humans and material structures, even though matter will not be any longer an obstacle to you as it is today to your material form.           

Your life after the resurrection will become ever more real with each new assimilated world and the teaching it provides. The world will be to you that which today is school to you. Only the present-day school does not teach you the truth of life but rather stuffs you just with information alone and mostly not useful at that. The school absolutely does not teach you mutual cooperation and the knowledge of your inner selves as to how this information must be applied for the benefit of all. Meanwhile on the world-universities of spiritual development, you will be provided with all the means to receive particular information which develops you, which expands your concept about the Creator and creation, and about service to the Creator and creation. And it is only this teaching that has a practical application which can give everyone a vigorous and great desire to strive for it because everyone sees what changes transpire within the whole, and how within the whole, each one also changes personally due to these personal efforts.