57. The Path

The more erroneous the path, the greater suffering your soul shall experience. Therefore, I address you now to show your soul the right and the most certain path, the reality of which your soul shall feel through its living relationship with the Father himself. While having felt peace and bliss within itself, your soul shall know the Father, and suddenly it shall discover within itself that it has been born not as an abandoned orphan, but as a soul that is loved by the Father and that is truly experiencing the Father.

It is due to this living experience that the soul desires to devote itself to the leading of the Father from within, and to the relationship with the Father himself, because it feels bliss. And the feeling is so real that it cannot be replaced by any other outer, and already unnecessary to it, rituals and dogmas. It is well aware of the fact, and certain that it knows the Father. It knows Him for it is becoming, by its purity, similar to that of the Father, it is getting, by its deeds, similar to the deeds of the Father‘s love, therefore the vibrations of the Father‘s love have also come within the reach of the opened soul.

Therefore, now I do desire to urge you, each of you, wherever you might be, whatever you might be doing, to ponder the thoughts that I have just presented to you and that you have read, and that are comprehensible to all of you. However, you cannot believe they are from that very Christ himself who lived two thousand years ago. I cannot prove it to you by any other argument but by my own assertion that I am that Christ and what I am saying is the Truth. And this Truth is live. Therefore it is reachable to everyone who opens up to this truth with all their heart.  

And after this sort of one‘s opening up, one does experience all the words I have spoken about the Father – The First Source and Center – the Source and Center of Consciousness and Mind, Love and Service, Goodness and Beauty, of all creation. 

And now I am telling you what I have never told either when I walked among you in the flesh or at the present time. I have said to you that I am this path, that I am this bread of life, and that I am this living water.

From now on, during all future eternity, shall ever be this gospel of mine, even as it has been expanded by my apostle of the present times, The Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, and even the brotherhood of all creation. And the Father is this path, this bread, and this water providing eternity to everyone walking to Him through one‘s living faith.

It is only this path that is the only one along which you can walk both bravely and resolutely being given the guarantees of mine and of the Father that you shall reach the Father. All the other paths, even though they might lead you to this living path, do not give you such assurances. It is you who must choose what you desire.

I do not impose this path upon you. I do explain to you and help you make a wise decision calling on you to be unafraid of treading along this living path of the Father. I know of what I speak for I have always been walking on this path since those times when your world was not and even our universe was not. And I have my experience of billions of years, estimating it in your years, this living experience that allows me to speak out to you with love – do not fear. Embark upon this path of the Father. And always be certain that the Father and I are permanently with you. The Father is even within you; within each of you. And I am by you and go everywhere even ahead of you. However, as soon as you call me I shall enter you through my Spirit of Truth to calm and strengthen you, to urge you to walk on without fear along this very path of the Father.

Therefore, the certainty of my words will also be witnessed by your inner tranquility as soon as you pass from your ritualistic and dogmatic belief to your living faith. Then your soul will experience bliss and it shall be surprised by the reality of this bliss and its existence within the soul itself. It is this that will be the confirmation of my words, and for your soul this will be a new sensation and an enormous discovery of what an incomparable difference is between a dead, ritualistic, and dogmatic church belief and a living blossoming out of the soul and its faith.

Since all creation is the Father‘s, and the Father is the Source of love, therefore all His creatures throughout creation, after having discovered the Father within themselves, experience these very vibrations of the Father‘s love. It is only then that they can confirm that truly the Father is love and creation is friendly and even loving, that they begin to feel the reality of that living path of the Father as well as the joy of walking on it. And then a soul or spirit starts penetrating still deeper into that very living path of the Father that is virtually nothing else but the Father himself.

The creature begins to penetrate ever deeper into the Father himself by comprehending and experiencing Him ever better through service to other creatures, also the children of God. It is only then that the differences among the mortals occupying different positions cease to exist for they are being united by this very spiritual love and spiritual kinship. It is only then that a politician starts serving all of the society rather than a party, since all the parties as groups of the people that single themselves out seeking the implementation of their own interests through the achievement of power, vanish. It is only then that people begin to comprehend and even to experience that they belong to one family – to the family of all humanity. And this one is an inherent part of a greater family – of the family of all creation.