115. The Sprout Of The Mortal Soul Is Within You

I am well aware of your foibles and desires. Therefore I do not blame anyone of you for your attitudes and decisions of your inner self that are so strongly controlled by them. You do not even ponder over your foibles. You lead your life as if these weaknesses were part and parcel of you, and due to this you ignore them, you do not even attempt to deliver yourselves from them, or at least to reduce them. At the present time your soul is in such a state, if I compare this state with that of a plant, it is not even possible to call it sprouted.

It will sprout when, at least for short moments, you begin to ponder over that which impedes you from becoming a better self. And if you start thinking about it more often, the offshoot of your soul will also begin to break the shell of the character of your human-animal self. It is this shell that impedes your soul from sprouting. And you erroneously consider all your present qualities to be inherited and therefore unchangeable; the more so that your scientists also press this attitude upon you ever deeper.     

However, the time has come for you to know more than even your geneticists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and anthropologists know – the sprout of a pure soul of a mortal can sprout and break through even the hardest and darkest shell. And the soul is capable of doing it just due to the fact that it is the original impulse of your spiritual rather than material self within this material shell of your physical body to which the beginning has been provided by a genetic inheritance. And a greater momentum, or a stronger growth stimulus, to this initial impulse of your spiritual self can also be given by your present animal self, if only it begins to think more about love, goodness, beauty, service, mercy, and brotherhood, if it begins to clean its thick and hard cortex of the genetic inheritance while all the time making it softer with good thoughts. This will remind you of cleaning a dirty window so that your eyes would see a nice view of the environment through a well cleaned window. However, even through a well cleaned window your eyes see a nice view of the ambience through a wall of glass. It still separates you from that very view. You are not yet within that view. Therefore, your sense of the sight is not yet that deep and all-embracing as it would be if you opened the window and got out into the ambience of that very view.           

Today the absolute majority of you are satisfied with your current status in a spiritual sphere so that you do not even attempt to clean your window at all. You do not even think that it must be cleaned in any way, as you neither have been nor are being taught this. And it is only very few of you who hear this knocking of the Father’s spirit from within and submit yourselves to doing His will. And very soon you begin to single out this person and even to call him with some derision as a saint. And he is no saint at all. He has just become a true and normal human. And it is this sort of human that you, each of you, must also become.     

And then you will see that you have really become a true human rather than a saint. This type of living without vices and diseases which currently torment you is a real living and a true light. Therefore, by no means, would you be able even to think that you might turn back to your previous way of living when you did not think about the necessity of wiping the glass of your spiritual window so that your soul eyes can see a true vision without being distorted by any vices. However, you would also know for certain that only to marvel at a nice view through a well wiped window is not sufficient for your soul because it desires to feel the reality of this very sight by being present within the environment of this very view rather than seeing it through glass. And then it would fly out through an open window to do good deeds to all who are within this sight or who are also just looking at this view through the window of their soul which they have already started cleaning, while some of them, even as you are among them at the moment, do not yet think that there is such a window which must be cleaned of the mud of your vices.         

After some time your current vices will remind you of exactly similar whims of a child as he demonstrates them when his parents do not satisfy his desire. Wise parents find a clue to the heart of their little one, unwise parents are annoyed by and even get angry with the child because of the whims the little one demonstrates. And they begin to punish him, they begin to toady to him, but they do not try to find a path to his little heart. But as in the case of the little one, so it is in yours. If no solution is sought as to how such whims could be melted by sincere love and in a live association with the child, rather than seeking to buy oneself out of all such whims or trying to drill and punish the child, it is possible, very easily, to damage the whole life of the child. However, these whims, these caprices of the child do not seem to the parents to be serious. Therefore they remain childish all the time.     

It is exactly the same with your current vices, such as fear, anger, hatred, revenge, jealousy, a desire to meet all interests of your animal self at the cost of others, and the like, which are nothing but these same childish whims. Your soul has not yet sprouted through a thick layer of these vices, therefore they torment those around you even as little children torment their unwise parents with their whims.

The soul cannot bloom out by itself in all its luminosity in one moment. It is similar to a child who cannot give up all his whims at once. It is a long process which requires your effort. And to some of you it is not only painful but even tragic. Therefore, you must realize that you must begin to clean the windows of your soul now for this will help the situation as to how soon your future children will be able to give up their whims and will do it without pain.    

By cleaning the window of your soul of the mud of vices, you can contribute to the wise direction of the whims of the children of all of mankind towards their building strong character without touches of selfishness. The cleaner you wipe the window of your soul, the brighter the reflection of the view gets in and invites you to open the window itself that the soul would be able to escape from within into a vast space where it can manifest itself by its own shining. And this shining will attract the eyes of others looking out through their own windows which are cleaned by their souls. And such a soul will never attempt to suppress the whims of a little child by force or toadying. It will always look for a path to the child’s heart so that it would be able to teach that child from its very early days to clean the window of the soul that it would never turn so dirty.        

And even though the current and childish vices of your character are not sufficiently seen by you, as you do not see such bright, shining examples who are without these vices in their daily living, so, you do not even attempt to fight them, yet they can cause you many grave problems if you tolerate and continue to toady them the way you do it now. I see much deeper than you do and much further than you can imagine. I am aware of the very roots of the origin of your vices. I know where they can lead you, each of you, for where I am, there are no such vices, and I know the cost of getting there. Therefore, I give you these teachings so that you would also know it.