61. My New Command To You

Now I have already given you truly, at first sight, a very hard command – get delivered from the dead church rituals and dogmas and seek and discover a living Father within your own selves, each of you. And this commandment of mine is to all of you, including the priests.

And when the priests discover the Father within themselves they will become aware of how great a light fills their souls so that they certainly will not have enough room within the framework of these dead rituals and dogmas of the church for that ostentatiousness and theatrical performance of the canons and laws set up by the church hierarchy. 

They will start breathing with their liberated soul experiencing the Father‘s love, rather than with their pragmatic ego, seeking benefit for itself. And this rhythm of breathing shall be completely different than it has been before. Then, the priest will begin, carry on, and finish the prayer service as one who has turned into a living spiritual guide for the opened up souls of the believers, helping them get united into God‘s vast family in spirit rather than the one who is following the established rituals.  

Then, the souls of the believers, even those full of anguish and suffering, will begin to calm down and feel an inner desire for communication with this priest. They will feel the spiritual vibrations of the soul of this priest that will also reach any worried soul that will be opening up ever more.  
It is only this sort of change by the priests that will manage to bring the souls back to the church.
But a long period of church desertion is awaiting you until that time.

The Father‘s spirit makes an impact on everyone irrespective of whether or not that man attends church. Those who attend church can experience the moments of their soul opening up there as well. But that mortal who begins to feel bliss within his soul desires then, to prolong this sensation. And he desires to feel this spiritual relationship with his brethren who are praying next to him, and he even desires to receive a similar spiritual feed back from them the way he is feeling towards them. And due to the domination of the ritual during the prayer service, not only in the Christian churches but in all the churches, it is impossible to establish such a mutual relationship because it is this dead ritual that is preventing it.      

Then a believer, after some time, will start feeling disillusioned since he, alone, by himself, cannot maintain this spiritual bond without receiving a response from others. He shall be feeling the absence of a spiritual fullness. He shall be feeling that something is missing in it. It is only his duty and his will that still will be leading him to church. But only very few will be attending this dead church because many of you will hear about the living church.