111. Humanity Has Become Hostage To Advertisements

You see by yourselves what a multitude of different and nice products, goods, and articles are manufactured in the world and how all this is presented glamorously to your eyes and ears, how all this is pressed upon you that your mind would be tempted ever more to seek these things at all cost. And that you call advertisement. Advertisement is your self-destruction, rejection of your true self for your enslavement by illusion. You do not even think that every commercial broadcast imprints into your sub-consciousness one more vibration, a low vibration, not yet perceived by your consciousness, to direct your efforts to seek similar things. It is not necessarily these definite things shown in the commercials. Maybe these are beyond your reach, but it is possible to purchase a simpler thing, not that attractive and not that fashionable. But all the same you are pressed by an idea – to buy.

The commercials which you offer in order to knock at your consciousness, through your sub-consciousness, make use of a great many subtle things which are even beyond your ordinary eye’s reach, but your sub-consciousness registers them. A certain product advertised is presented in such a way as if it were your closest friend. If a commercial includes a bigger product, let us say, an automobile, then its swift thrust, its aggressiveness, is emphasized, for it is this sort of a commercial that attracts the people of such character. 

This is a means of deception designed by you that has also enslaved you. Now you are not able to liberate yourselves out of the slavery of commercials because for those who make and broadcast them they bring a big fortune. And even though it violates man’s free will, you cannot change anything to eliminate it from the television or radio programs. And according to you the most valuable programs are particularly those which run the most expensive commercials. And it is of no importance that they are disliked by some of you, but all the same you dance your death dance within a commercial whirlpool, and you do not even ponder that this dance is real, that it shall have tragic consequences to the whole of humanity. 

You are still little and inexperienced children. Therefore you do not have anyone to counsel with. You do not have a wiser and loving family Father as children have in their family so that whenever they do not know something right away they run to him and ask him. Now you are the fathers of your children while you have not yet discovered your own true Father within yourselves, and therefore you play a very hazardous game with a fire that shall burst into a blaze. It has already been lit up only you do not see it yet because the fire is ablaze still in your sub-consciousness, however when it breaks through to your consciousness it will be in no way possible to put it out without running casualties. And the suffering shall touch all; absolutely all; even the most innocent and beloved little ones of yours who do not know anything about the commercials.

Holding the whole of humanity hostage to advertisements when even the times of the world sport events are adjusted to the whims of one television network which purchased the rights of broadcasting, as you put it, when you have no mechanism in the world which can bring delivery from this trap of commercials, humanity is doomed to experience a worldwide disaster. The low vibrations of the producers and broadcasters of commercials, striving for a profit for themselves only, and as high as possible, at the cost of all others, are emitted by the ones who make the commercials and who broadcast them both as individuals and as groups, and even more, these low vibrations are also emitted by the commercials themselves which are broadcast throughout the world. And thus each person watching these commercials is impacted by these very low vibrations that sink into the sub-consciousness of any viewer or listener. And they are accumulating all the time. And there are moments when they also reach the level of consciousness but only for a short while. During these moments the viewer or listener begins to feel irritation that the commercials do not allow him to watch some program in peace; a movie, or a sport broadcast. It is an evidence of the fact that there are plenty of low vibrations accumulated in his sub-consciousness. The more so since even certain programs also add their own ratio of their vibrations. Some of them produce higher while others lower vibrations. And those programs which show the achievements of human selfish ego, and to them belong all sport broadcasting, make these low vibrations still stronger. And all this chain of low vibrations is destroying human physical health just like as drugs or bribery; and not only of an individual taken separately, but also of the whole of society, and of the whole of humanity. And it is destroying their health and even their chance to survive physically.              

In addition to this, advertising, like any other selfish activity, has a tremendous impact on the human genetic resources. Therefore, those of you who regularly watch commercials or films of violence or any other programs that are abundant with passion, fighting, and any other type of promotion of a selfish human animal ego, are running a risk that your children and the children of your children will be born weaker and less immune to illnesses than they would be born to you if you did not watch such programs. 

These things have not been explained to you to date therefore you have been behaving unwisely. The time has come to think not only about the goals of your life but primarily to think about how to replace them qualitatively. This is the reality which you do not see because you live in an illusion which you erroneously take for reality. 

And very few of you will manage to liberate yourselves from this illusion because just too few of you will believe my words; but only at this moment. The time shall come when the reality of my words shall be witnessed by your own personal experience. Only this will be painful and shocking to you. But the other path was unacceptable to you. Therefore you will have chosen this experience by yourselves while I offered you an absolutely different path – The Father’s path. And it is only while walking on it that man is protected even from these very low vibrations that currently so mercilessly and destructively are emitted by all the commercials.

You already know of the harm of radioactive rays to man’s body, even though you cannot feel either their scent or taste. The body is unable to register them. However, you begin to protect yourselves from them. Meanwhile, you do not feel the low vibrations that are emitted from the commercials and other programs of the selfish human animal ego, and you do not even know anything about them at all. Therefore, their danger is greater, for they envelop the whole planet, since television is now popular throughout the world, rather than in some definite place. And the on-line commercials and entertainments offered for the human animal ego are catching up with television at a very high pace.