30. Everything Is Possible With The Father

That was the light that I decided to take to all the people down from that mountain, after those considerations and my communion with the Father on the mountain during the forty days. My own human consciousness, after all those visions and all that communion with the Father, had been so purified, so expanded, the vibrations of my consciousness had been elevated to such a high vibration that I was certain had I wished anything it should momentarily turn into the real. I was in such an acme of bliss and human faith that I perceived absolutely well that I needed only to consciously desire it and there would appear before me food and clothes, and a wonderful bed. “Everything the son desires and the Father wants IS.“ This assertion was so close and obvious to me, that the Father wanted that I would not suffer, that I would be in bliss, full of His love vibrations, and that I would share them with others.

I recalled that after I had been baptized, and when I was standing in the river of Jordan I was shown a vision of where I had come from to this world. That vision was from the Father. And His encouragement had been passed over to me by His fragment: “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.“ That voice was also heard by John the Baptist and my brothers of my earthly family, James and Jude, who were standing nearby. However, what I was seeing now was the vision transcending my human imagination. I was seeing a multitude of different beings that were ready to come to my assistance while I will carry on my mission. I was the Creator and Ruler of their universe who had come down to this wonderful world in the human flesh to know and understand the experience of the human life from within. That could be understood only by the one who lived such a human life himself. And by my own living I desired to show what that Supreme Source and Center was like and the one who allowed me to live in love and truth every day, loving all and serving all.

At that very moment I did realize fairly well that I needed merely to wish it and in front of me there would be plenty of such food to my human flesh, that no human had even imagined. I might have had even such a food that had been eaten by the people who had lived there many thousand years before, when even the Jews themselves, amongst whom I was born, had not yet been on earth. Yes, I just needed to wish something and that would be. However, would it reflect the purification of the vibrations of my consciousness, the change of their frequency, if I desired something and received it even without stirring a finger? How, then, should I be with my brethren so as not to scare them but rather to attract them to search for an impact of the Father‘s wonderful love within?