53. Your Physical Body Is From Your Earthly Parents

This outer form for your own inner self is provided by nobody else but your material parents who during their sexual intercourse fuse the masculine seed with the feminine ovum. And this embryo is the expression of their mutual spiritual relationship through the future physical form for your own inner self.

If both parents lead an honest and spiritual life, and if their mutual love is consciously comprehended from the very depth of their souls that it is not created by them but rather received from the Father, and tinged with the shades of their personal experiences that provide various spices to the Father‘s love in the form of vibrations, then a fetus produced by these parents shall be co-created together with the Father. The Father shall participate in it as the most beloved and awaited person. Therefore that fetus shall be developing and be born healthy. And the baby shall have greater and healthier genetic hereditary characteristics as against the children born out of those parents who consider all this process of creation merely to be an expression of sexual satisfaction to their physical bodies.

Therefore, the children who are born of their earthly parents who love the Father and who have discovered the Father within themselves, are healthier and stronger. Even though their former genetic heritage has not been good enough, this very process of the procreation of new life can correct it to a fairly high degree as the energy-information vibrations of the parents, of a much higher frequency, suppress the lower energy-information vibrations that have been accumulated by them along the lines of their ancestry.