129. My Address To The Clergymen

Therefore, now I address those who lead the prayer service and whom you call priests, pastors, imams, or rabbis. Open up to the Father with your soul in order to start sensing His love vibrations, and then you shall begin to feel how the Father’s spirit, indwelling you, even as any other, starts to direct you to the spring of a living Father’s water within you, to your awakening soul. And do not halter it. Let it stretch out for a free and mighty leap which will wake up the souls of your parishioners. You will be able to make your contribution to their awakening only when you deliver your own souls from the slavery of rituals. This liberation of your souls is awaited by the millions of your brethren; including me. And the Father is awaiting it too.    

Have not I told my apostles, before ascending to the Father on high, that they should not fear as to what they would have to say before their judges once they were brought up to them, for it would be the Father’s spirit that would speak then? Now I am also telling you: Do not fear to open up to the Father, let His spirit speak out through your lips, energized by your soul. Open up to the Father with all your soul and worship the Father the way your opened soul desires to. And it shall itself utter the words of the worship and prayer. Do not worry that these words will not correspond to the words written in the books of prayers. Your opened soul will be receiving the vibrations of the Father’s love and it will translate them into the prayer words to be heard by others. And all the opened souls will at once start to sense the love vibrations of these pure and loudly pronounced words. And they will react so obviously that many a soul will begin to weep. They will weep with the tears of soul purification. And such tears will wet not only the eyes of women but also of men. And even of children.         

Just do not be afraid to open up, and after having opened up yourselves and having felt the Father within, do not fear to let your soul speak so that it would worship the Father and pray so freely and sincerely, the way it is possible to worship the Father and pray freely and sincerely. Without any rituals, without any ritualistic attire embroidered in gilt, without any dogmas. Only with an opened soul which will be pouring out its live prayers to all those assembled.

And they will be happy about their souls opening up and being filled with the Father’s love and peace ever more. And during the worship prayer of the Father they begin to feel the state of bliss beyond words in which they would desire to stay after the prayer as well. Therefore, do not hasten back again to reading or to a sermon. Remain in this state of bliss for some time. It is while being in this state that your soul can best take in the word of the Father being told personally to each of you. And that word in particular which is necessary for you at this particular moment. And it is of no significance that you will not hear the Father’s words right away after the prayer, maybe you will understand it on the way home or when you are back at home. But you are certain to receive strengthening and counseling from the Father.   

And do not fear, when due to breaking of these dead rituals of the prayer service you shall be accused by your hierarchy. I was also accused and cursed, I was even called as being possessed by the devil and serving him. You will have experienced the opening up of your soul and a relationship with the Father, a living relationship, and you will know that it is now, only now, that you have embarked upon the Father’s path on which I also walked. And you will already see that this path is live, without rites, because you will have already experienced the power of the prayer while being in a living relationship with the Father which is missing any ritualistic prayer.    

And you will be strengthened even more by the testimony of your brethren when, after your service, they come up to you and thank you for their magnificent experience and peace. The believers will thank you that you have awakened their souls to a living relationship with the Father. And do not fear anything when you are condemned and despised by others, and even accused by them of destroying the church while it is namely you who try to revive the ruined ritualistic church to a new life. Do not fear these accusations, for I was also accused of ruining the belief of the ancestors, and the doors of synagogues were shut down to me, I was persecuted, and I was even crucified only because I carried the word of the Father’s love. Therefore, do not fear anything, for the Father and I shall always help you in all your work of love and light. Even when having conspired against you and they shall have turned you out of church, fear neither them nor the consequences. I shall fetch to you the souls who are worried and who are thirsty for love and truth, so that you would comfort them and teach them a living relationship with the Father without any mediator. Teach them the only true path of communion with the Father – through their sincere opening up to Him. And you will find the key to their souls, and you will strengthen them even as I strengthened them. But to do it, to be able to walk on the Father’s path, even as I walked on it. First it is you who have to open up to the Father. And after that you must make a decision whether you desire to help your other brethren, even as I desired to help them.         

The path is the Father’s. He laid this path for each of you. I walked along it bravely and always trusting the Father. You also can walk along it.

You must make a decision, each one of you personally and freely. I invite you to this path. It is a living path. And it is a real challenge to the character of your true divine self to walk along it. However, keep in mind once you make your choice to follow this path I shall always go ahead of you, and the Father shall always go within you. You shall never be left alone. Not for a moment. And your seraphim angels shall provide you with constant assistance, for such is the ordainment of my Partner, Co-Creator and Co-Ruler of the Universe, to her angelic children – to lead the mortal children of the Father over to Him by assisting them from without, even as the Father, as I, and as the Holy Spirit can provide you with the assistance from within. Therefore, each of your living steps with the Father is met with a joyful upholding, understanding, and support on the part of us all. Progress on, bravely and without fear, leaning upon the Father, being present within you through His spirit.           

There is not a single organism throughout creation which would not obey the law of the Father’s love. Even the smallest organism which is invisible to your eyes, also operates within the field of the law of the Father’s love. It is the operation of this law that is shaped by the vibrations of the higher organism which either allows, or on the contrary, does not allow the lower organisms to function. But in either case the operation of all of them is within the field of the Father’s love that is dominated by the only law which is the law of the Father’s love. And you are the only material inhabitants on the planet possessing a free will of choice as to how to relate yourselves to the whole of ambience: To strengthen and care for it or to ruin and annihilate it. However, behaving either way, you all the same are unable to escape the manifestation of the field of the Father’s love. You cannot operate beyond the boundaries of the Father‘s creation. That cannot be done by any living organism. Therefore, your activity within creation can also be either matched, by your free will, with the operation of the law of the Father’s love or it can resist this law. However, it has no power to impact the operation of the law. You can impact only the operation of others within this same field of the manifestation of the Father’s love. Therefore, your choice can only have influence on the decision making of others of their own free will.