130. Faith And Food

If you make a decision now to discover the Father within your inner self through living faith, and if you sincerely and steadfastly strive for it, a moment shall come when you are born of the spirit. This type of birth will replace the faulty qualities of your character such as fear, jealousy, anger, revenge, selfishness, striving for honor, power, popularity, priority, and the like, which wear you out and provide no peace to your inner self. All of this will be replaced by a marvelous and profound sense of love for the whole, and for each individual taken separately, irrespective of whether it is a human, an animal, a plant, or a stone. And a ceaseless river of a deep love shall stream upon everything, and bathe all of this in a living flow of love.   

And it is then that you will suddenly realize that you cannot cling to the diet you have had. And you do not want to have it any longer. You simply, and fairly naturally, do not want to eat any meat any more, any fish, any living organism which can move and feel pain at the approach of its death. It does not only feel its approaching death literally, the way you might believe it must sense it. It feels the environmental change. And that change in the ambience influences the whole organism of the animal.  

However, the main reason that you cannot eat meat or fish any longer is the vibrations of the Father’s love flickering with enormous power within you which your soul, opening up ever more and feeling them ever stronger, finds any action, which does not match these vibrations of the Father’s love, unacceptable. No animal is killed when the vibrations of the Father’s love are manifested. Annihilation is only carried out where the manifestation of these vibrations is strongly blocked. 

There is not a single son of the Father, born of the spirit, who would carry on eating the flesh food. Such is the inner state of the mortal when he feels an overwhelming surge of love which submerges any old desire to partake of the flesh food. 
When I lived among you in the human flesh I had to make myself eat the flesh food and my soul was always weeping for partaking of this sort of food. However, I had to adjust myself to your concepts and traditions. I had to bear in mind my principal task to reveal the Father and the good tidings to you that you are all brethren, even the gentiles. Had I started teaching you, in addition, your diet, you would not have listened to me at all for even without this teaching you turned away from me.   

Today, I also may tell you more about the food which you eat daily. It is harmful rather than just improper. You do not have healthy and natural food any longer. Because of your covetousness you started to use artificial stimulants, chemical fertilizers to receive a higher harvest in order to earn more money for yourselves rather than to provide people with food.

If you stopped receiving money for this, you would altogether cease to grow crops, and raise the cattle and poultry, even though these very same people would be in need of food. However, your feeling of love is just for money rather than for people. Therefore you strive for it even by killing your brethren; even babies.   

Today, you do not know what must be done, for there are plenty of different diseases around you which you are unable to cure, and you will never manage to, however much money and energy you will devote to it. You, who call yourselves farmers, also contribute to this spreading of diseases by your free will consent to use chemicals manufactured by your other selfish brethren. You comfort yourselves that all others do the same, and if you do not do it you are certain not to survive for you will go bankrupt. You have not even tried to give up these chemicals and you have already prevented yourselves from making the choice of a different path – the path of love and truth. You do not even understand that you might receive rich harvests by means of natural fertilizers and crop alternation, once you allow the soil to breathe and have rest rather then force it and wear it out. Only have courage to go this way.

At the moment you are running like a squirrel in a wheel, and you cannot stop because you do not know how to stop since all around you keep talking only about the necessity to grow more, to fertilize more applying ever newer and stronger chemical fertilizers. And what do you grow out of it? Just the most favorable environment for the multiplication of viruses because each grain and animal which is raised by means of stimulants is lacking these positive vibrations being received from the environment naturally, for they are all destroyed by the use of artificial elements.    

And when such a product arrives on your table, and when you consume it as your food, you must be certain that the consequences will be very grave for the whole of organism because a natural cell demands a natural and healthy sustenance. However, instead of this it receives an artificially expanded, or increased, unnatural cell of a plant or animal. Even though the cell has the same structure its proportions are destroyed. Its integument, or membrane, is increased while the nucleus is reduced. The membrane, due to its expansion therefore, does not allow so much of the vital substances into the cell for its nourishment in order to keep up its normal vitality. That is why the nucleus, even as the cell itself, does not receive a proper feeding. Thus, in due course, its activity turns abnormal. And instead of an elastic and vital cell, there appears a blown up but not so flexible and efficient cell, which loses its immunity to diseases and to any changes of nature. And for the plant or animal to survive under these conditions, it is necessary to stimulate this very living cell again artificially with chemical elements. And they all accumulate both within the membrane of the cell and within the cell itself, and in its nucleus. It is exactly like a drug addicted plant or animal produced by you. And the way of living and its efficiency of the drug addicts, you already see, yourselves.        

Meanwhile, it is you who narcotize plants and animals out of your covetousness for money. And, then, you gradually become drug addicts yourselves by consuming this sort of food every day. Only the doses are not of the street drug addicts. But the consequences are very similar because you are victimized by diseases no less than the street drug addicts.   

sTherefore ponder, prior to attempting to waste billions on completely meaningless projects, which in any way, being far from useful for you, are even harmful for your body, when you produce ever new chemical narcotics which, for some reason, you call medicine. Stop narcotizing both plants with chemical fertilizers and animals with artificial preparations, which are also chemical. Shut down all such chemical factories as soon as possible. That will be your first step to saving billions of allocations and even to bringing back a healthy diet for your life.