76. Cooperation Instead Of Competition In All Spheres

A competitive struggle in any field; politics, economy, science, art, sports is nothing but the consequence of the dominance of low vibrations when any group or a separate individual desires by any means to satisfy one’s own ego only, following the lowest energy vibrations characteristic of animals and beasts. And this attitude is the vestige of the past. The time has come for you to hear that there is a better and higher path in all the spheres of your activity – the path of a fraternal cooperation based on the Father’s love vibrations that leads to brotherhood in all the fields.    

For the absolute majority of you, it is still difficult to perceive as to how you could relinquish a competitive struggle among the political parties, among business companies, among science groups, among sports squads or individual athletes, among individual workers, university and high school students, family members, for according to your distorted understanding of reality it makes up the main driving force for the development and the insurance of a better life for a civilized society in any state, and even throughout the world.

Such a vantage point is highly backward and has nothing in common with that of a developed and spiritual man who has really started feeling that he is a son of God. Such a vantage-point is still an undeveloped attitude in a barbaric mentality that is directed to meeting one’s selfish interests at the cost of the whole.  

Such a vantage point is directed against doing the Father’s will. And the Father has commanded each of you: “Be perfect even as I am perfect.”

And this mandate cannot be denied, supplemented, or surpassed by anyone throughout creation. This is the most marvelous mandate that transcends even my gospel – the Fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man, and even as it has been expanded by my apostle up to the brotherhood of the whole of creation – for it is only such a perfect creature in his own sphere, in the sphere of the mortal finite creature, that acquires similar aspects of perfection which have been spread by the Father to the whole of creation. And the Father does not emit anything else apart from His love vibrations. Therefore, you must also radiate the love vibrations, and nothing but the love vibrations, to each other, and everywhere – in politics, economy, within the family, in sports, science, and wherever a thought of yours can fly. And if only you start communing with a living Father, indwelling you, each of you, you cannot reach out for a victory for yourself only. You begin to realize the harm of this path for all humanity, and even for creation.       

Once you seek to benefit yourself, by means of money or power, popularity or efficiency in the fields of your activity, then you destroy the love vibrations of your own self, your own soul, received from the Father, with low vibrations from your own animal ego, your own self of the animal genetic inheritance, by disdaining and belittling the striving and efforts of others which are also demonstrated by your opponent’s self, controlled by the animal and low frequency vibrations. Therefore, after great victories some are restlessly jubilating and drinking champagne, others cannot hold tears and are unable to regain balance in disbelief that everything in their ambience has suddenly changed – instead of the planned achievement of the goal and the joy of reaching it, the moments of sorrow and emptiness and dark sadness have arrived to the participants themselves and even to their neighbors and fans.       

This cannot be so among the children of the Father’s family from whom love is radiating, that it is being truly felt by them, and therefore they are also able to spread it to others. And under no conditions shall any loving brother or sister in spirit agree to hurt or humiliate another brother or sister in spirit to make him or her weep out of sadness. That contradicts the will of the Father. And all those who arrange such spectacles of life, such performances, who by this method rule the state, they all do not realize the wisdom of the Father that speaks to all, and to each, every day, every single moment: “Love each other, comfort each other, help each other, serve each other, get united, through Me, in spirit, feel bliss in this relationship with Me, relish the freshness of the spirit of My game that is called eternal life, the freshness that is being experienced by the soul while doing good to all.” And to achieve that, to have this inner state of life dominating within one’s own self, it is necessary to have a living relationship with the Father within oneself. And then any competitive struggle shall turn into brotherly cooperation that far transcends any competition since it has the only motive – to share, in love, everything that has already been achieved by one in order to achieve even more for the benefit of the whole. Any sport games, any events within which everything might be assessed in money and in other material prizes, and any lotteries, all these things shall lose their meaning. Sport games shall go on so that man might demonstrate the capabilities of his body, a healthy body, for the cooperation among nations, races, and states, out of love rather than for the prizes and places, rather than to receive a lot of money for that. You have turned the wrong side out of the original motto by Coubertin “It is important to participate rather than to win,” and now you are already following your own motto: “To participate to win.” You have even started counting what states and how many gold medals win.