84. A Real Replacement Of Your Mind By That Of Mine

The assertion: if your mind, rather than helping you is impeding you, then change it by mine, is true, and corresponds to reality. It is your animal mind that you can replace by a spiritual mind that I also followed while making all decisions when I lived among you. Whenever some problem, some essential issue appeared, I would necessarily address the Father and would ask Him for counseling. And He would give it to me through His spirit, Thought Adjuster, that indwelt my mind of the animal genetic inheritance which I had received throughout all the line of the Joseph and Mary ancestry inheritance; not only of their parents and the parents of their parents but along all the lineage back to the very first parent persons of their ancestry. 

However strange it might seem, my incarnation in the human flesh has also embodied the whole of this genetic intellectual legacy and all the spiritual potential of the Creator Son, the Son of God the Father, one of the two Creators of the Universe, together with the Universe Mother Spirit. And in relation to me, you must understand that I have possessed exactly the same mind-intellect qualities of the animal genetic inheritance that are possessed by each child, born on your planet, or on any other planet of my universe. It means that all your animal genetic legacy is also passed over to you not only from your parents or grandparents but all along the genetic inheritance lineage of the ancestry that in a similar way goes two thousand years back to the times of my presence in the human flesh and then exactly in this very manner goes further ever back to the past even as the lineage of the genetic intellectual inheritance of Mary and Joseph has gone to their very first human parents. 

Meanwhile my Thought Adjuster had been revealing to me ever greater layers of my spiritual potentials that I possessed as a child of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son, of my Parents, as a Creator Son possessing his free will. Your spiritual potential, a spiritual potential of each of you, is bestowed upon you each, by the Universal Father as the gift of personality with all its potential and a free will.

Therefore, those of you whose genetic inheritance might seem very poor since the intellectual achievements of your parents or grandparents have been insignificant on this world should not get upset because you do not know absolutely anything about the activity of your early ancestors on this world in the then-generation and in that century. And to be able to make the right conclusions you have to know all the information back to your very first ancestors.    

Thus, your genetic research as well as any historic information on the genealogical tree is no more than the investigation of a poppy-seed-sized area and a history of one leaf of that very tree. That is why your conclusions, however you would desire them, do not correspond to the true value either in genetics or in the research of the genealogical tree. It is similar to investigating lava erupted from just under the very crust of the earth, and which is already almost cooled down, and making an attempt to establish the qualities of the nucleus of the earth.   
To apply such conclusions, to make any generalizations, in relation to human life is even more erroneous. 

Therefore, you must know, and ever more rely on it in your life, that any genetic inheritance, passed over through generations, to a sincere soul who desires love and truth, is not an obstacle to surpass one’s own poor genetic inheritance by its spiritual relationship with the Father, and by this, reveal more of the potential of a spiritual personality. None of you have any insurmountable obstacles to make your personality potential real, actual, assimilated, and manifest in your daily life.  

And those of you who find it still difficult to directly commune with the Father because you have not been taught this either within the family, in church, or at school, may address me. It does not matter which of us, the Father or me that you will address, for I know how to meet all your petitions even the way the Father knows it. Thus, you can, while communing with me, gradually ever more trust both me and the Father, for while communing with me, communing sincerely, you shall replace your mind of the animal legacy by my mind ever more, and ever more shall you begin to lean upon the Father, even as I started ever more leaning upon the Father when I was in the human flesh as Jesus of Nazareth.