87. Assistance By Prayer Is The Most Effective

Being aware that you can help each other, not only to protect someone from falling into such a dependence on low vibrations – the drugs, alcohol, tobacco, telling fortunes by cards, astrological horoscopes, gambling – but even help those who have already fallen into it; those whom you know, or even your own family members. Even the fact that you will sincerely send them your love vibrations, in your sincere prayer, shall also have an impact on their delivery. But the most powerful liberating influence is when you are praying together with that person. Always keep in mind that the effect of prayer equals the squared number of the praying people. And if at the same time they are joined by friends, colleagues of the members of that family, the effect will increase still more. Even though the prayer duration will be exactly the same as it would be while one mortal would be praying. Just ponder what a powerful force of love vibrations will be directed to the one who is in such a hard condition – from the point of view of his body and, what is still more awful, his soul. It is the most difficult moment in every mortal’s life when even his potentially immortal soul finds itself in such danger that it might not deliver itself from the material fetters and might not have a chance to progress to the Father on a higher level – in the form of a delivered soul.             

It is namely for being able to help these brethren of yours that you need faith and the discovery of the Father within your own selves. It is only in this case that you will have courage to provide such an effective assistance that is not being offered by any organization instituted by man. You must become yourselves the conduits of the Father’s love to be able to send His love vibrations to your poor brother or sister in spirit. Moreover, by behaving this way you, all of you are taking part in this salvation of a soul, also grow in your own soul, mature in the Father’s knowledge that confirms to you, again, that the Father’s love is almighty once you see your brother or sister in spirit delivered from the drugs. This experience will provide you still a greater trust in the Father. And at the same time your desire will increase to submit yourselves to the leading of this loving Father and to lean only upon the Father who never pushes away and never sends any hard trials to your physical body or to your soul. He sends you only love and nothing else but love. However, it is by declining the love vibrations being sent by Him, and that are already within you so that all you need to do is merely to discover them within yourselves, that you torment yourselves and cause great suffering to others, even to the whole of humanity, and to all creation.         

Therefore while striding with the vibrations of the Father’s love within your own selves you are conquerors. However, you are not the sort of conquerors who are happy about being the first but rather you are happy that there is such a loving and living Father who liberates from sin, and who takes into His love embrace, all, and each separately, and fondles all, and each, in a similar way as if that one were the only child of His in all creation; even the one who is in the captivity of the drugs or alcohol, crime or sins. He is all the same, urging that one to step out of this pit and stride into love and light. And it is only after having felt this vibration of love within his own self that man begins to stand up and progress, being led by this very love, to the light and to an ever stronger downpour of love vibrations until his soul begins to blossom due to this living water that is being ceaselessly poured down until it turns into a lake, and it is still pouring down so that the lake is ever increasing while its banks are getting apart ever wider and its depth is getting ever deeper till it makes the whole ocean that a delivered and loved soul is being bathed and immersed in.   

And you, each, can become a funnel of that rain to the souls of your brethren who have fallen into drug captivity. That is the only way to liberate those suffering from that pain and slavery. 

Those who, due to their greediness and because of a big influence of their own selfish ego, produce and spread the drugs are also in a very similar situation. And you must also pray for them with love and out of heart and in a similar way send them a living water of the love rain. 

You are disgusted by their actions that bring misfortunes and destruction to all of humanity, yet you must love these even bigger slaves and unfortunate people that are in the captivity of the lowest vibrations of their own ego. They do not understand that by these actions they are, first of all, ruining themselves. And they do not understand this because they are the poor people, since no one has shown and demonstrated this love and light to them while they have been growing up and when they have been the most receptive to the vibrations of goodness and love. At that time no one had filled them with this living water of the Father’s love. The Father has been pouring His love down upon them then even as He is doing now, but neither then, nor now can they see any living funnel of that love that you have become. Thus they have been deprived of love and light. Therefore they cannot behave the way you behave as you are full of love and light. Nevertheless, they are your brethren. And they are also indwelt by the spirit of the Father, even as you are. Therefore you must love them even as those whom they hurt due to their own darkness and ignorance, and comfort them, because they hurt themselves and annihilate their souls by their behavior.