125. Different Views Of Death

There is not a single man who, while staying turned away from the Father, would not fear death. And on the contrary, there is no man who, while staying turned to the Father, would be scared of death. They are two antipodes of the way man passes away from this world. And by the final body-sigh you can judge whether the man has been with the Father or he has lived having turned away from Him. However you would desire to deceive others, yet it is impossible to deceive the Father, for He is beyond deception due to one reason – He is love. And love is beyond destruction, it is possible to despise it, it is possible to turn away from it, it is possible to jeer at it, it is possible to betray it, but it is impossible to destroy it; because it is from the Father who is merciful. And if you turn to Him within your inner self, turn to Him with all your being, with all your soul, rather than in words or in thoughts, and it is then that you will start to sense both a relief and a live flow of the Father’s love. And it is of no significance if you do it right before running out of the very last drop of energy of your present material body. All the same, you will feel this relief and speak out: “I am with the Father, and I feel His love and His peace. I am not afraid of dying any longer since I am going to the Father.” And the phenomenon of death shall transpire without stress, but rather in the state of peace, for such is the path of the Father’s love and truth, even at the very last moment in one’s material body on this world. And many do say at this moment: “I raced through my life. I worked very hard but I have not felt bliss. While now that I feel there is a power which is comforting me, I am feeling bliss.

And my teachings are meant for the purpose that you also would help others pass away from your world, those who are afraid of leaving it, for they have led their lives on it without the Father, as real orphans. Therefore, help them during their very last moment while they are here, turn to the Father so that they would eventually begin to feel peace and bliss from the Father already within them. The Father is always reacting even to the weakest flicker, impulse of one’s brain, if it is only a sincere calling and opening up to Him. He is not imposing anything by force, yet no any other force is capable of  preventing Him from providing that very in-depth peace and bliss if there is the slightest vibration of a sincere desire in one’s brain. Even though the man is paralyzed and cannot speak or move, explain even to him that the Father responds not only to a sincere word but also to a sincere thought, to a sincere desire of pleading to Him for soothing and assistance. And assistance comes instantaneously. There is no obstacle which would block the path for supplying this bliss. And on the contrary, there are no such powerful and strong words of pleading which would make the Father give this bliss to a dying human if he is waving away this help himself. Free will of each individual is supreme and inviolate. Therefore, by your prayers you will achieve just this; that by praying, in your own and sincere words or thoughts, you will receive peace within yourselves and the whole agony of death will seem to you as nothing more but the manifestation before your eyes of the principle of creation – of the cause-action-consequence – in which you can change nothing.

The one who pushes away the Father with one’s free will dies in agony. And this vision produces consternation on the close relatives of the dying person. However, should you know more about the Father you would relieve this suffering of yours by millions of times, for the Father must watch a great multitude of His children passing away at a time and who are pushing Him away, turning away from Him while He loves them all in the same way even as His children who love Him. And He knows well that these children of His disappear from creation. And they are irreplaceable. It means that during all eternity there shall be no such children as those who have disappeared. There will be other children of the Father. But they will be other children and not the ones who have vanished. And the Father has to endure this pain every moment and throughout creation. Can you realize how enormous Father’s pain is which is experienced ever again and again as soon as the mortal body passes away from a material world within which one’s life has been lived without the Father?

Your current mortal life being led without the Father will be beyond understanding for the future generations. In a similar way the lives of the savage cave men is beyond your understanding. The fact that you live in a developed material civilization does not make you any different from the savage people who lived in the environment of the cave civilization. By the level of your spiritual thinking you are even lagging behind them, since the cave people lived in a natural environment of their development while you possess the Father’s fragment, the Father’s spirit, within each of you, and still you continue to live having turned away from the Father. It only shows that your spiritual thinking is even lagging behind that of the cave man. Had the cave man had such a powerful and perfect Monitor he would have responded to the leading of the Father from within much stronger. And the difference in your favor is only this that your mind, from an objective point of view, has progressed more on the level of thinking than that of the cave man therefore you can receive the fragment of the Father within your mind which the cave man could not yet do. However, relatively, he would have really been more devoted to this spiritual leading which you are denying. Your current denial of the Father leads you to perish. And you realize it and yet refuse to change yourselves; and not just to change yourselves but to change yourselves for the better, and for your own sake. Thus, how unwise must be this mind which realizes its tragic future and yet does not strive to prevent it? Could the caveman savage behave like this? No, by all means not. By the way of his thinking, the savage matched his ambience, while you are lagging, and by many times at that, behind the environment of your material development, and even behind the circumstances provided to you in a spiritual sphere.

Therefore, my teachings also have the purpose once again to attract your attention to, and arouse your spiritual thinking. And to remind you, in your age, once again that even many thousand years after the prophets came to the world and carried my light, even though not so bright, you killed them and despised them and you smeared and slandered their light, and today you do exactly the same things. And you ridicule the words of the present-day prophets and the prophets themselves, you do reject as insane. Even though they wish you and desire for you only one thing – to open up your spiritual vision so that you would notice your brethren around you as well as the reality and impact on you of the words conveyed by them, which are actually not theirs but the Father’s and mine.