9. My Environment

I did not come to this world entertaining a desire to bring to the people a concept of a theoretical Supreme Power, of a theoretical Supreme Mind, of a theoretical Supreme Consciousness, of that which you used to call Jahowe or Jahve, God of Israel, the Father of Israel. But rather, I came to this wonderful world to show you a way that you can find peace and bliss, and experience a real satisfaction within your own selves by having a real and living bond with these love vibrations of that Supreme Power, of that Supreme Mind, of that Supreme Consciousness truly bathing you as a space ocean, even within your own selves, as well as to show you how to feel and discover these love vibrations.

And after that you could believe my words, for you could experience all this by yourselves and by this confirm the truth of my words in your own living.

I chose simple, ordinary young men who had a better chance of not getting frightened by such a path to within that would completely deny the path that had been laid down for them by the rabbis and Pharisees, by the scribes and teachers of the scriptures they called holy in the course of centuries.

By saying I chose ordinary men who lived in that generation and in that place where I was on my mission of revealing that very same God – Father – to all men, I mean ordinary people who were inclined to believe my word and my teaching of one God the Father to all people and a brotherhood interrelationship among all men.

However, you must not think that those simple men were uneducated at all, and could not even read. They were all graduates of the-then existing synagogue schools. While at those schools, they were given a good training in both writing and reading, and in knowing the world of that age and in understanding the so-called Scriptures to the measure taught by the teachers of that time. And that understanding helped them in a way deal in their daily living because every difficulty or failure, they attributed to God’s favor or disfavor with man. If a man had his life in abundance it meant that God loved that man and showed him favor by demonstrating greater attention that was manifested in material wealth and a better material living. Meanwhile for those who had a hard life, who were crippled or sick, who had to suffer physical afflictions and who, according to the-then understanding, were repudiated from the abundance of God’s mercy, testified to nothing else but the fact that God did not love those people that much.

Due to those beliefs that they received at the synagogue schools, while rabbis, in addition to it, at their academies where the then-teaching of rabbis was laying emphasis that it was only they and the scribes who had exclusive authority given to them by God to teach all the other Jews what they considered to be the truths of the Scriptures, and by this God showed them even greater favor and came closer to them. Such a stratified society had no remorse that everything was regulated that way from the very moment of man’s birth. The more so that in this structure no place was left for women. They did not receive any education at all even at those primitive synagogue schools. The Jewish standpoint upon women was degrading, as upon a second-rate person whose only task was to give birth to children and care for the upbringing of children up to the age of five. Beyond this age all the responsibility for the child’s upbringing would pass into the hands of the father. True, that applied only to boys. The care of girls remained in the hands of their mothers. However, their only duty was to prepare the girl for motherhood.
Meanwhile, the gentiles were not considered by the Jews to be even people. They were equaled to animals. And even the killing of a gentile was not considered to be a sin. This wrong attitude within the society that looked upon itself as an exceptional people, that had been entrusted by the Father of Israel, Jahve, with a special role – as the only people to deliver a teaching from their own Scriptures as from the true source – could by no means bring in a mutual love and a strong spiritual bond and association.

Since this system was introduced right at the birth of a child and continued on throughout man’s life span, dominated by the role of the rabbis with their distorted teaching about God who chastised a disobedient man and showed an exceptional favor to those whom He liked, it was a slim chance that among the Jews there might appear a free man who could surpass this teaching enslaving the mind, so that by his own teaching he would make an attempt to explain to others that God loved all uniformly and without any calculation. He equally loved not only the Jews but also the gentiles that were hated by the Jews so much they were not even treated as humans.

And the Roman oppression was despised by the Jews, even though they could not resist it due to their small numbers. However, being not a numerous people, they satisfied their inner ego by showing their disdain to the gentiles, even to Caesar, that those oppressors were not worthy to be treated as their equals.

That was the situation I could not take. How was it possible to live under the conditions of such unfairness? How was it possible to teach such a god who loved some while he did not love others, who provided wealth and living in material abundance to some, while he denied this similar living and sent suffering instead to others? How could there exist such a god who required a blood sacrifice on the altar to give his forgiveness and show his favor? And he would not manifest any favor to a gentile even for the sacrifice, merely due to the fact that the person was a gentile.

This type of environment and life were by no means acceptable to me.