51. Spiritual Teachers

You may have a spiritual teacher who would show you a path how to discover the Father within your own selves. But he will not be a mediator between the Father and you. Now I am also acting as your spiritual teacher. And you will also encounter many good brethren of mine who will be spiritual teachers to you. We are all spiritual teachers to one another. But at the same time we are also spiritual disciples. By teaching others we also learn by acquiring ever new experience.

Now I am presenting these teachings to you that do not require any financial resources so that you would expand your own thinking and grow in your own character. Now you can also teach others whenever you start feeling the operation of the Father within your own selves. Then you will be acting as spiritual teachers sharing your experience with others. And that experience will also enable other disciples of yours to experience similar live experiences that you undergo. And in their turn they will also become teachers to their disciples who will not yet have undergone through these experiences. But even they will start experiencing what your disciples will have experienced and what you will have undergone as well. This way, generation upon generation, spiritual teachings will expand and the numbers of the spiritual teachers of these teachings will grow all the time. Parents will become teachers to their children, senior children, to their junior brothers and sisters, teachers at schools and universities, chiefs in enterprises and offices will also be spiritual teachers. This way, generation upon generation, a living Father shall enter each heart as a real Father.

And you have already embarked upon this path once you have first thought there is still some greater power in space, still some greater mind, some energy that so orderly arrays the stars and enables that beauty to exist in such a space-dome so abundant in luminary space bodies and of which only a tiny part, even an unnoticeable part, if compared with all the sky dome man begins to know by launching man-made flying apparatuses and starts boasting of his achievements before others – one state before another one, one society before another one. But, so far, you do not look upon your own achievements in such a manner that you would be able to answer the question as to why all this happens, why you have managed to achieve what you have managed to achieve. It seems to you that all this is but a natural and self-contained thing that your civilization is progressing and you manage to manufacture ever better means by which you can move from one place to another one, and establish connection with each other.

It is not a self-contained thing. It is nothing but an impact on your weak mind, which is distorted at that, by a greater and invisible Mind. Since you do not know anything about the influence of the Cosmic Mind on your mind you believe that your brain capability is the only cause for the development of civilization.

What naivety! You do not comprehend it at all, by yourselves, and you are unable to answer the most crucial question – who are you in general? What is this life of yours and why do you live it?

Having not responded to these questions, you will not become wise. Therefore, you will not be able to make wise decisions and lead a wise life.