7. The Importance Of A Living Contact With People

Inquisitiveness is a marvelous quality for everyone when questions are raised and answers are sought sincerely. However, when the depth of the questions is beyond man’s understanding, such questions right away arouse in him a sense of fear and irritation so that he immediately takes a pose of self-defense, and by this puts up a barrier for any sincere desire to get an answer to expand the understanding of his own mind as well.

It was exactly this sort of environment that prevailed two thousand years ago when I walked on your world, when I journeyed around the lands of the Mediterranean and studied people, and by these travels, I was expanding an understanding of my mind as to how people lived, worked, and what was on their minds in different places; the people of different character and different races. And these living studies provided me many more answers than I could receive from the then-Scriptures, to the questions I would pose to myself.

A living contact with people always exceeds any theory since theory is merely a speculation based on a limited experience and an attempt to draw generalized conclusions. Meanwhile, a living contact with a person provides you the living vibrations that the person – you are in a direct relationship with – is emanating both to you and to the environment. And theory does not investigate these vibrations for it is impossible to define them by some definite conclusion, since these vibrations are all individual and unique, for they are living and ever changing. And even the vibrations emanated by the same man might be of one frequency at one moment and already different at another moment – vibrations emanated by the same man.