15. The Creation Of The Reality And The Creator

You envision reality only as such as that which is experienced by your five senses; touching, seeing, smelling, hearing, and tasting. Some of you still add to this your imagination thanks to which you can transfer yourselves to the venues you have visited or your dreams which can take you back to where you have been or even take you to where you will be. However, in this latter case, it is also related to your past experiences, conceived or registered subconsciously. And viewing this reality and evaluating it in this manner only, you greatly belittle its diversity. If only you could know what a diverse, beautiful, and good reality it is, you would be looking upon even that small part of the reality surrounding you directly, the only part of it you are capable of perceiving, in a totally different way.

Reality is made up of such a multitude of energy vibrations emanating from The First Source and Center and they are all being radiated with such an enormous love that its luminosity would be blinding and by all means unbearable to your eyesight were you to be transferred to the center of creation that we will name Paradise, from which The First Source and Center is operating. Since this is The First Source and Center it is fairly natural that He must be in the center of creation so that all the reality in existence would be able to grow and expand ever more, originating out of these very energy vibrations.

The First Source and Center must always be bigger than that reality for it is absolutely logical that the bigger can create the smaller while no smaller can create the bigger. A child cannot create a grown-up however hard he might be attempting to do this. No creation can create the creator. Just the opposite, a grown-up can create the character of a child, meanwhile, a creator can create a creation.

This very Creative Center must also be alive if He can create living parts of the creation you can perceive. For it is only the living that can create what is also alive. But not the other way around. This very Creator must also have an adequate abode from which to operate while creating. Therefore, this Source and Center must be creating from such a center that corresponds to and matches the Creative Powers of this Source.

And this very Source and Center, while creating such a vast creation of which your material eyes can see only a tiny part, while your mind cannot yet understand it, must be as the one who would both understand and embrace His own creation for it is only such a Source and Center that would be capable of producing a reality of that size and inconceivable and clever control. However, this Source and Center, had He a body or form that you might try to envision, would in no way be able to embrace His creation so that a certain order would prevail in it; that stars would twinkle to you at night and they would not collide among themselves, disrupting the order of creation. This very same Source and Center must not be debasing and hating either, because He would start destroying himself. For there is not such a case that even the smallest creator-man can produce a beautiful, small piece of creation on his own level while being angry and hateful. He can create what others would consider to be beautiful and good only while feeling love himself.

Therefore, lovers who have never written poems start writing them because the feeling of love elevates them for an outburst of such poetic thoughts. Therefore, such a vast creation, even beyond the embrace of your eyes, cannot be without such a Center and Creator who would not love His creation and who would not create it out of love. The Creator must pour out such a powerful vibration of His love that it would reach all, even in the most remote corners of creation so they could feel His love and His marvelous attraction. Therefore the whole creation must find itself in a vast ocean of the Creator’s love vibrations. It must be saturated in the love vibrations of the Creator and Center to be expanded from within the center and out in any direction.

Since the creation is so enormous and so beautiful, since it is such that is beyond the human mind’s understanding, it means that it must also have even a Greater Mind that would be capable of creating and controlling it; for it is only a clever mind that is capable of producing such a creation that would also have clever creatures. And even if the creatures themselves cannot fully understand the creation it means that this Mind must transcend all the mind of all the creatures to be able to generate and govern such creatures with such a love power that would uphold them and let them feel this very love.

Since the creation has within itself different forms and levels, for even in your own environment you experience that there are liquid and solid, cold and hot, moving very fast and very slowly, visible and invisible forms, therefore the Creator and Center himself must also have the power and capabilities of changing these forms and the knowledge how to change them. It means that this Source and Center must be Omnipotent for He is capable of performing all of these transformations.

I am giving you this description of the Source and Center of Reality so that you would begin to ponder, at least a little bit, that reality itself is a very sophisticated mechanism, the operation of which no one is capable of explaining in full. This can be done only by The One Who has designed it, and implemented it. It is only He who is aware of all the designs and goals. Therefore such a Creator-Source and Center must know everything that cannot be known by the separate parts of the reality created by Him. It means that He must be Omniscient to be able to understand and know how to create and maintain such a creation. 

Can a first grader who has just started attending school have the same knowledge as his teacher who has just begun to teach this very little child the knowledge of the first letter?

Can a creature who is watching the vastness and might of such a boundless creation understand the knowledge and thoughts of the Creator and Source and Center himself at this very moment to be able to perceive His plans and the principles behind His actions that are being manifested in a visible manner to his eyes as well as to his feelings that are being born in his heart?

Since the creature is incapable of perceiving all the plans and goals of the Creator, as the plans and goals and wisdom of the Creator are too great even as all the knowledge of the teacher is too great for a little first grader, so must the creature be content with what he experiences and conceives, however little that understanding might be, and he must not seek to perceive the plans and goals of the Creator with the creature’s mind.

I am trying to reveal the nature of the Source and Center of Reality in a simplified way so that you might expand your concepts about Him by merely trying to ponder within the framework of the logic I have passed to your psyche. Expand your thinking. Stir up the stasis of your thoughts a little bit so that they might be exercised, and the stagnation itself like stiffness in your difficult-to-bend joints would begin to vanish by bending and training them.

Your mind can perceive much more, beyond measure, and the current stagnation of thinking can be replaced by a flexible way of thinking and by an expanded perception of Reality if you devote more time and attention to it. Then you will see what a magnificent thing is the exercising of your mind. You will see how your mind is ever more penetrating into a deeper and broader knowledge of Reality. Even as it was very difficult for a first grader to understand the truths of Reality that were explained to him by the teacher and that were so obvious and understandable for the teacher, so it is difficult for you, on your present level of development, to understand that part of Reality I will try to present to you now.

Therefore, I ask you to let your mind freely think rather than look for any contradictions to the things I am going to relate to you. Contradicting is nothing more than even a greater narrowing of one’s already narrowed mind. Meanwhile, a neutral reaction is a step-stone on which your mind can make an attempt to expand its concepts and even to change from a previous perception in relation to this or that phenomenon.