81. The Most Efficient Economy Is The One Grounded In The Father

Your motives in all your activity would be transformed from selfish into divine, for the benefit of the whole. Then, rather than expanding your business, you will help your brethren in setting up similar enterprises in the places they reside in so that they could do the same thing that you have been doing successfully.

Then you would not need millions to waste on unnecessary and even harmful commercials because you would not be interested at all in the fact that it is only the operation of your company that is necessary for others and that they would know only of your company. Your efforts for the benefit of all, your real actions would be grounded in the Father’s love for your brethren, and these sincere efforts would be immediately noticed by those who work in your company while the love vibrations being emitted by your soul would be felt by their opened up souls. Therefore, a firm interrelationship, through the vibrations of the Father’s love, would spring up. And the work efficiency would tremendously increase since people would be coming to their work as to a large family cooperation in one or another sphere, rather than to perform some necessary job for which they would be paid little money hardly enabling them to make ends meet, under the present conditions of economic slavery. The work performance of slaves can never be productive; neither is it today, the more so since the presence of a spiritual relationship among the workers of that company, between its workers and its leadership, between the leadership of this company and other companies is completely rejected. And such a relationship, when everything that is best in each company is shared, to achieve the best possible outcome for the benefit of the whole rather than for the benefit of just a separate company, would still increase the labor productivity.         

The design and introduction of any equipment, of new technologies, would be achieved in a more efficient and creative way out of love for the Father and for the whole of His creation of which your planet is also a tiny particle, rather than by being driven by a desire to dominate new markets, to receive new orders, and to appropriate the biggest possible profit for the sake of a small group of people.  

Because the profit motive would disappear, there would remain no goal to ever increase it in a mad race. Money for living would be in excess of need. Therefore business hours would be cut down until ultimately three or four hours of work per day would be sufficient. The rest of the day would be devoted to meeting spiritual needs as well as to mutual association, education, family life, and worship of the Father.

Such a path of economic development would safeguard the current natural resources, forests, animal and plant life, lakes and rivers. It will totally change the economic structure for there would be no need for huge and harmful chemical factories that contaminate the environment, air, rivers, and forests, and even men. The harvests yielded by soil without chemical fertilizers would abundantly meet the needs of all humanity that, in reality, are not that great altogether. Today, the amount of produce wasted far exceeds the amount raised. And the produce raised is not that which must be grown. People would move out of the cities back to the countryside.