151. Your Deposit In The Father’s Bank

My assertions about wealth have also a literal sense – pile up your wealth in good deeds. This is much greater and the only wealth that remains throughout eternity, for it is kept by the Father. And all the time a high interest is paid on it which is not paid by any earthly bank, for this interest is nothing but the growth and tempering of your character. Therefore, you must know that the Father’s bank never goes bankrupt, that you must always be at ease while keeping your wealth in His bank, and that you will never be deceived.

Your inner faith in the Father and your trust in the Father are your own bank card by means of which you can check, while talking with the Father, the amount of your wealth in the Father’s bank. And it is the transformation of your personal character that provides you, as well as others, with evidence what interest rate is paid for the riches of your good deeds kept in the Father’s bank. Moreover, the Father’s bank does not use your wealth for any other purpose apart from enriching you personally, and creation gets richer only as much as each of you brings your deposit of good deeds to the Father’s bank.

Thus, if you invest your good deeds in little children, in pupils, and in students you will increase not only your deposit in the Father’s bank but you also will enrich creation and at the same time you will make the path for other generations easier to open their accounts in this very same bank of the Father. It is only the Father’s bank that has no selfish profit motive and gives everything back to the depositors in excess.
It is this motive that is the only one worthy of respect, to transform the activity of your present earthly banks from their exclusively selfish profit seeking, and while even eating man up hide and hair at that, and especially the poor ones, to operating for the benefit of the whole. And this sort of activity would become meaningful rather than harmful, as it is now.

The current activity of your banks is harmful for you, only you are not yet able to realize it. The present banks of the world do their best to gain the largest possible profit which now is already enormous. However, you encourage it and rejoice that profit grows every year. There is no common sense in it. Moreover, it activates social inequality among men, as some of them possessing stacks of money can afford anything which they desire while others are left without a source of living.

It is impossible at once to transform a profit-oriented economy into that of cooperative service. However, already today banks can begin the implementation of this policy by devoting one half of their profit to the development of society in the spheres of family and education.

The spheres of family and education are the most crucial ones in the development of society. It is due to family and education that you can train fair and uncorrupted politicians who set the direction of the development of the entire state in all its spheres. Therefore, you must realize that by investing in family morals and honesty, in the transformation of educational system from scholastic to the family-type of live mutual association, based on love, you invest in the Father’s bank. And rest assured, when the time comes for you to withdraw your deposit, when you must leave this world, you will be happy that you have kept it in the Father’s bank. And you will have a desire to prolong your contract after your resurrection, since the experience acquired on this world will not vanish. Therefore, the faith you will have experienced on this world will not disappear anywhere either. It is this faith that will give you this enormous desire to carry on piling up your wealth and entrust it to the Father’s bank.

The greater is the faith, the greater is the trust. And they both contribute to a mutual and long-term cooperation. The Father trusts you, and therefore He bestowed upon each of you even His own fragment. And thus He seeks that you would trust Him and that you would entrust your wealth to His bank.

Your banks must also operate following this principle. Man entrusts his savings to a bank, trusting it. Therefore the bank must show its trust in man rather than peel him off with fees and a low interest rate for a deposit. That is one-way traffic. The traffic of the Father’s bank is for the benefit of the depositor and for the benefit of the whole, the direction of your bank traffic is exclusively for the benefit of banks. Therefore, the time is coming when banks must reshape their policy and direct it towards the depositor and for the benefit of the whole. And they will do this only when bankers discover the Father within themselves and open their own deposits of their good deeds in the Father’s bank. And by no way any sooner.

And again, here, fairly a lot depends upon your, each of your, personal deposits in the Father’s bank. If you open your account in the Father’s bank it will provide you with the interest rate of your character growth for keeping the deposit, meanwhile the strengthening of your character will enable you to manifest yourself in such a way as its fruits might be seen by many of those who today are still very young. And it is they who are the future of your banks, of the new banks. You have a marvelous chance not only to grow yourselves, but also to accumulate such miscellaneous experience, sometimes even very painful experience, which will help you understand better the path of your growth and the revelation of your inner selves and of the possibilities throughout eternity, if only you start to apply my teachings in your daily living.

Therefore, boldly go to the Father’s bank and already today open your eternal deposit in it.