50. A Living Experience Of The Father Within Your Own Self

And then you will realize, and you will also even witness to others by your own experience, that only a living relationship with the Father allows you to experience Him, and even provides you self-confidence and trust in the Father ever more. And this growth of confidence and trust leads one to an ever greater devotion to one’s service for the benefit of the whole; and without any obligations, without any restraints. This driving power is within you – the impulses of the spirit of the Father, the Thought Adjuster, that are being understood by you better all the time and which you begin to feel in a subtler way. Gradually, the vibrations of your consciousness grow ever more and are merging ever more with the Divine, Universal, and Absolute Consciousness, with the Creator Consciousness.

It is this sort of teaching that is missing in your present-day ritualistic churches. And it is this teaching that your soul is crying for which is not so strong within the present vehicle of your material mind. It is not strong because your mind does not receive the higher vibrations of a spiritual teaching either from your parents at home, from teachers at school, from priests in the church, from chiefs at work, or from wiser brethren on the street. Therefore, the soul cannot get stronger. It is feeling the teaching by the Father’s spirit but a material mind of man suppresses it right away by its selfish desires and by its absolute devotion to the implementation of these desires were they for the benefit of one’s own self or for the benefit of a group. Mind being led by such desires is the major obstacle for the soul to feel the Father’s teaching and leading from within. And this leading does not need any mediator. Therefore, there comes such a time that you must learn that there is not, and cannot be, any mediator in-between you, each of you, and God. God is the closest to you, even within your own selves. What other, and better, mediator could there be when you, each of you, are within each other – God is within you, within each of you, while you, each of you, are within God. There is no one who could not be within God, who could be beyond Him. He is an unsurpassable reality. It is due to Him that each of you receives a fragment of His own, His spirit, Thought Adjuster, in order not to look for any mediator in your communion with God.