117. Teach Children To Discover The Father Within – It Is The Greatest Gift To Them

You often keep reiterating that you do everything for your children, that you even live for them, and try to give them everything that is the best. But there is nothing better for them than to teach them to discover the Father within themselves. It is beyond your imagination that it would be the most wonderful gift for them and the most fitting path of providing meaning and enlightenment to humanity, if you, each of you, taught your children to discover the Father within them.   

This discovery of the Father, alone, already now, should start changing the whole of humanity even as it has never managed to change itself throughout all the course of its existence of one million years. And just several generations will be sufficient to implant these changes throughout the world to the measure that all your allocations devoted to the armaments, maintenance of the states, advertisement, ineffective fight against drugs, crime, even to the rehabilitation of the areas ravaged by the elements, would be saved by you as these things would not impact and torment you the way they do now. 

Just think if all this money were channeled to improving your well-being and expanding and deepening your mutual association. Nothing would be wasted any more on the things which would turn against you. And that would be done just due to the fact that you would have taught your children to discover the Father within. And that would change their lives so much that they would never look upon any of their contemporaries as the enemy to be annihilated as they have offended the generation of your parents or grandparents but rather they would look upon them as their brethren. And they would desire to associate with them as with the same children of the Father who are loved by the Father even as they are loved by Him.

And that is the implementation such a bright future for the whole of humanity by one task given to you just on a personal basis!
It is only upon you that your personal living depends as well as that of your children: whether this living will be bright or turbid on this world. You must clearly understand that the Father does not give you either your past life or one more life to live so that you might correct your mistakes.

Just one life is sufficient for Him to test you, each of you, whether or not you desire to go to Him along the path of love and truth. He does not demand from you that which would be too difficult for you to reach on this world – to become immediately perfect even as He is perfect. For this purpose He grants you, each of you, the path of the whole of eternity to grow and become more like Him. He only asks you to make a sincere choice whether you desire, from the depth of your heart, to walk along the path offered by Him. 

Is this path of love and truth unacceptable for you? If unacceptable, then He shall satisfy your personal free will through His Sons who would not be developing you to perfection any more for after the material death of your body you shall not be resurrected. Your will is supreme for the Father. And He satisfies it.