134. The Present Time And Your Decision

Your current time is magnificent by what it will testify to you in spiritual changes within many of you; even such changes of which you had no idea. The way the material discoveries changed your living, so will the spiritual victories also change you, and even more than the material achievements. And due to this, the purpose and quality of your material living will change, for there will appear an ever greater number of such sons and daughters of the Father who will teach others spiritual truths and how to change their material lives of quantity into lives of quality which is dominated by love and truth.    

This period of your life is magnificent for you, each of you personally, since you have a chance to get acquainted with my teachings devoted to the people of the present times who search for me, search for the Father like the little children who get lost and who are unable to find us since they do not walk to the direction where they can find both me and the Father. And you also have a chance to become similar spiritual teachers even as I was when among you in the human flesh. And having become the spiritual teachers you will help your other brethren even more than I helped them since now you will be able to make use of all the means of communication and association which were unavailable to me in my time.    

The present time of your living is also magnificent by the fact that you have such a wonderful book which reveals a more profound truth than has ever been revealed to men and which is titled The Urantia Book. You will also find in it a small part of my life which has not been described in any other book written by humans. However, while reading this book keep in mind that it is just a very tiny particle of reality and of the Father’s truth, as well as of my human incarnation. And all the same, this book of revelation will play even a greater role than my coming among you in the human flesh, for it reveals to you so much of reality which I could not reveal so as not to scare the generation of your ancestors.   

Therefore, you must just be happy about these enormous possibilities provided to you, each of you, to grow in spirit, to become ever more like your true self which has been bestowed upon you by the Father as the gift of personality. The contemporaries of my times did not enjoy these possibilities. They lived even in a darker oppression of dead rituals and dogmas. However, they also did their best in search of greater light and love in a very similar way even as you do. But only very few dared to walk upon the living path of the Father that I offered them.  

Do not repeat their mistake so that after several generations your offspring would not have to lead only an outer quantitative life any longer. So that it would not be the case that they should not have tasted the fruit of spiritual knowledge, just due to the fact that their ancestors have been cowardly and refused to cast off the chains of rituals and dogmas, and to turn from slaves and servants into free and loving sons and daughters of the Father. 

Your current decision shall also determine the quality of living of the generations to come, your descendants. Therefore, the decision made by you, each of you, is so significant that its impact shall be felt by all generations while by that time, you personally will have been in a different form for long.

And I desire very much that you would not feel upset and sad because of your irresolution and mistakes when you, personally, each of you, are shown the episodes of your present life so that you would be able to compare your perception of your status with that which you possessed while in the human flesh in this life, your initial life to eternity, to the Father on Paradise. 
It is not a reproach or a desire to belittle you. It is just evidence of how much you have grown up on your spiritual path on the way to the Father.

Therefore, you individually will be shown your decisions made in this life so that you would not experience any uneasiness before others. But even while watching your present life, which by that time will be already in the past, you will be feeling a pleasant and supportive sensation within because of some decisions which you have made, yet as regards other decisions you will be feeling a desire that it should have been much better had you made different decisions which would have led to different consequences for you, each of you personally, and for all. And you will be especially saddened by your personal decisions that you have already made after the spiritual teachings which explained to you how similar decisions impacted you personally, you and the whole, and yet you chose a selfish and limited decision, out of fear of changing your stagnant concepts. Watching these decisions which you have made in this current life, you will feel similar to the way that you feel now when you are told by someone about your actions in the past which you recall with pleasure, or which you do not desire to remember due to your improper behavior during that episode of the past. And this recounting neither condemns nor commends you it just reminds you of the events which might be either pleasant or unpleasant to you.            

Therefore, my teachings are presented to you for another reason which is to make you feel unpleasant vibrations within as little as possible while you will be watching the episodes of your current life as the ones of your fairly recent past.