104. Catholic Priests Must Have Their Families

The Catholic church completely violates the free will of the Father once it forbids its priests to get married and have their families, to raise their children, and to share their experience in the up-bringing of their children with the believers so that the latter might follow an example offered and shown by the priests as to how, in concord and love, together with the Father, to develop the youth in such a spirit that they would really grow as the sons and daughters of the Father from their very childhood.

The Universal Father provides equal opportunities to all His children to experience Him within. Exactly similar and equal chances are given to all to feel attraction to the opposite sex to ensure the extension of mankind and the races. However, man himself, by turning away from the Father, designs restrictions for the representatives of one or another caste. This restraint is not from the Father. This restriction is the manifestation of the free will of the mortals who have turned away from the Father and who pursue their own goals, violating the free will of the Father. Therefore, such deviations that impact the development of all humanity appear on the stage.

The ban on having children, applied to the Catholic priests, is nothing but a dead tradition invented by you. The same is applied to monks and nuns, both among Buddhists and Christians. This is a violation of the Father’s free will and even a shortsighted punishment of mankind by your own decisions and actions.

Just ponder how many honest and sincere catholic priests, nuns and monks of different confessions, might contribute to the rehabilitation of honesty within family if they showed their own example of their family life to all other believers. It is they who might have become this salt of mine, even while clinging to the dead traditions and dogmas, to implant love with my name into their little children. And those little ones would have opened up to the Father themselves and would have changed those dead customs and dogmas that their parents, through generations, had not dared to do.     

The Father gave the instinct of reproduction to animals, while man, apart from this instinct, was also given the spirit of the Father himself that leads mortals to apply the moral principles in practice, both within family and society. And if the morals and honesty of society greatly degrade, when man turns away from the Father’s spirit indwelling him, there is no one to awaken the society if those who must awaken it to a spiritual elevation do not know themselves what must be done, because they have not yet been awakened themselves. And if one of them wakes up, he does not have any experience in how to carry this light to the little ones because he has never had the practice of their up-bringing in his personal life. Therefore, there is not such a living teacher who would have discovered love and light within himself and who even would have accumulated a proper family experience that others might believe and follow that teacher. That is why all these religions, by imposing these family life restrictions, harm themselves and even the whole of humanity.    

Present day humanity is dead and theoretical because it does not have a live relationship with God, about which it speculates a lot in synagogues and churches, in mosques and in any other houses of prayer, but these assertions are not practiced even among the believing brethren of their own religion. Therefore, everything remains on a theoretical level. And as you well know, even from the high school years, that any theory is but a dry tree, the green foliage of which is only produced by a practical application of the knowledge. Just theoretical lessons exhaust a child very quickly and his attention fades, and very soon such lessons become even abhorred and boring to him, so that he does not want to study anything at all.     

And this reaction of a child is natural, for in the Father’s creation theory is always matched with practice, service. Religion and morals can become living and can bear a wonderful and vital desire to cherish them, provided that man starts tasting them in his practical life, when it is comprehended ever more that nice words about moral behavior are not only a theory, but that these very words possess vitality which can be felt by each who lives up to these moral principles together with the Father, and who has discovered Him within one’s own self. That is why priests have to experience the chores of the family life too, to be able not only to preach their higher morals to other families, but also to apply them in their own families.