139. Do Not Waste A Single Moment

Each wasted year when you do not care for the meaning and quality of your life, not only makes your own living more difficult and deteriorates your health, even though you might not yet feel it for long, but also distances you from the Father though He is within your inner self. Therefore, do not signify the flames of the outer fireworks and salutes which so colorfully light a New-Year-night sky so that you begin to feel joy like little children. Your New Year must be within you rather than without. You must measure the New Year by how much better and more merciful, more loving and serving you have become rather than by how much you have done. Therefore, you must meet any New Year by manifesting your higher spiritual height and a more mature self. And no colorful, even the brightest outer fireworks will substitute for that which you experience within while growing with the Father, within the Father, and sensing the Father within yourself.      

It is only this yardstick that shows that you do not waste your time. Moreover, you cherish it and use it in a very meaningful way. This is the only gift that you can present to the Father; all, and each of you. And this gift never bores Him. He also wants to give you, and does give you, the gift of a meaningful eternity so that it would be better for you. Therefore, you must also begin to sense the meaning, not only of the whole year, but also of each moment of the day. However, as long as your eyes will marvel at the lights of only the outer fireworks, without giving a thought to the fireworks of the inner Father’s spiritual love placed within you, that long you will just waste your time by accumulating the experience of only a quantitative living without realizing what incredible beauty exists within you. Only, not yet experienced by you and therefore seeming to you unreal.

You can feel the value and meaning of each minute only when you establish a relationship with the Father for it is the Father and the bond with Him that provide the meaning to all creatures of the whole of creation. For it is the Father who is The Source of Meaning of creation. Therefore, anyone enjoying an ability to set up a relationship, and keeping a live communion with the Father, begins to feel the meaning and its sweetness. However, for you, the lowest of the will creatures, who are in the flesh, it is almost impossible in your present form to begin to feel The Source of Spirits who is entirely spiritual. But, to make this task easier for you, the Father has bestowed upon you, each of you, Himself, His own fragment, His spirit, the Thought Adjuster, by inhabiting him in the mind of your material form. Therefore, being conscious, you can both feel and experience that what His spiritual love and leading from within are, what beauty and mercy are, what service and altruism are.

And these feelings will never vanish from your experience whenever you open up to the Father present within you. It is thanks to the Father that you can feel the meaning of each moment. It is due to Him that you can gradually approach, with the feelings of your spiritualized material mind, such concepts as eternity and infinity, though being unable to comprehend and embrace them, but ever deeper and more truly regard them as your destiny, and assess the moments of your present life in relation to their quality rather than quantity.           

It is this that will reveal to you, personally to you, not to others, the level of the development of your consciousness in assessing the meaning of each moment of your living, and to a small extent it will also be noticed by others. And it is only you, personally each of you, and the Father within you that will be able to perceive it. Others will not be able to perceive it because their spiritual level and experience will be different and individual though equally unique and unrepeatable and equally meaningful even as yours.

Therefore each of you will be able to assess personally only yourself.

However, a tiny part of the meaning of the life moments of your other brethren will also be felt by those of you who will have already opened to the Father and, due to this, will have experienced not only the meaning of similar moments in their lives but also established a relationship with the Father, as a living link with other brethren. And it is this living relationship with the Father that will enable you to sense more profoundly that which your just material mind would not be capable of doing. It is capable of doing this only thanks to the Father’s spirit and only after having established a living bond with him.

Thus, in order that every moment, every episode of your living would acquire its meaning and would provide you with full pleasure and satisfaction, you must commune with the Father through His fragment, His spirit, indwelling you. And this bond is real and living. It is always accessible to you whenever you desire this sincere and live communion with the Father. He is together with you, even within you, during every moment. Your relationship with the Father depends upon your personal desire and decision. The Father is always opened to you. He patiently awaits your opening up to Him. Therefore, everything is in the hands of each of you. The decision as to when and where you will begin to feel the meaning of each moment of your life and start assessing your every action in relation to this sort of meaningfulness which will be passed to you by this living relationship with the Father can be made only by you personally, by each of you.    

And this decision will change your present life to the type of living which will begin to provide you with a sensation of pleasure. And you will begin to feel a taste of living itself which you have not yet felt since you are too preoccupied with carrying out the interests of your egoistic self.

And your current sort of living brings you a lot of tension, shock, and suffering, while the moments of joy are so rare, that you actually lead the life of a real martyr. For the Father, as well as for me, it is very painful to watch you suffer and strive so, only for material pleasures and for respite from tension, by satisfying, again, your other material interests.    

And when we see you walk in the opposite direction, to that side where there are even greater experiences of tension and suffering in store, where your mind will experience even greater stress and just short moments of relaxation from it, it is very painful for us to see your spiritual blindness and your unwillingness to recover your spiritual eyesight. You demonstrate an enviable steadfastness while striving for material victories yet a deplorable ignorance and shortsightedness by failing to understand that all this leads you to new suffering and to a hazardous life which borders upon your completely vanishing from creation after the death of your material body.       

By making no attempt to discover the meaning of each moment you run great risk. And this risk will never pay off.

After having recovered your spiritual sight you will also regret that so many years of your life have been wasted in vain without giving you anything. You were just spinning your wheels in one place like a car on ice, even though there was a box of sand at hand only you did not notice it, and carried on pressing on the accelerator just to move forward; but in vain. The car was not moving forward but rather, little by little, sliding backwards. Therefore, stop being so blind and look around to see whether there is something which might help you start moving forward.

Your present attitude in wasting your time is absolutely acceptable to you, because you do not envision any other way of spending your time.

You learn from your parents, friends, and the environment. However, you do not even give a thought that they might also fail to understand that this way of spending one’s time is not meaningful. And it is you who might be the ones to cut this hapless Gordian knot. You can be those who will start assessing time from the vantage-point of its quality rather than quantity. Assessing it by how you have acted rather than by how much you have acted during the same time. If, during the same time, you tried to act for the benefit of the whole while pursuing a personal noble motive, it means that you did not waste your time in vain.    

However, if all the time just a selfish motive prevails in mind – I do the job just because I am paid for it – in this case, the entire work time is nothing but a waste of time. It is just a wearing and tormenting serfdom to your soul and mind. And it is your motive that determines your attitude in work and leisure, whether it is just a waste of time or a meaningful development of your inner self.   

Any spending of your leisure when it is dominated by alcohol is both a waste of your time, irrespective of the fact that you experience joy at that moment, and a greater tormenting of your higher and spiritual self in captivity. You are given the evidence of that by your poor condition the next morning, by your moral anxiety over some thoughtless actions performed, and by your desire that it would not have happened at all. It shows that your actions have been of the sort to have suppressed your inner and true self so much that now even your lower and animal self feels bitterness and anxiety rather than yesterday’s pleasure. It shows that after your brain ceased to be affected by the outer narcotizing substances, your elevated condition vanished, and that the high vibrations of your consciousness are totally out of balance and you are not elevated but rather downcast within. It shows that your time spent in this way was wasted despite your even very high spirits while you were spending it this way.      

And there is just the opposite feeling after one’s time was spent meaningfully. You experience the state of an inner joy. It does not cause, in any way, anxiety or disillusionment, anguish or regret for the time spent in that manner. There are no reproaches to either yourself or others. There is a feeling of inner bliss that the time provided you with new experiences which produced joy and bliss to your soul. And there is a desire to extend that moment even longer, to repeat it even in a deeper way. The bliss emerges because the soul senses the wonderful vibrations of the moments experienced and it desires to prolong them. The soul experiences a sensation of lightness and elevation. It desires to experience this feeling of fullness even longer so that it could blossom even stronger in its growth.   

This feeling is present because the soul recognizes the vibrations of the Father’s spirit sent to it and radiated to it through your mind, and, in its memory, it also replays these very vibrations experienced in your mind during the leisure time. Therefore, the state of bliss is now as if prolonged, and the soul desires to experience additional experiences which would produce a similar state of bliss, only more intensively.    

And these high vibrations being felt and experienced by the soul make it nobler and more sensitive and even strengthen and develop it.

Therefore after this meaningfully spent leisure the soul feels stronger in comparison with its state prior to spending the leisure period. It is grateful for the moments experienced during this leisure period. And the soul thanks the Father for them for it has been His will that the soul would feel these meaningful vibrations of the Father during the leisure time experiences. It shows that the leisure time experiences corresponded to the high frequency of the vibrations of the Father and due to this they were developing the soul. These experiences were liberating one’s higher self rather than enslaving it even more within the grasp of the domination of one’s lower animal self.    

And while assessing the meaning of your life moments you are always in possession of an unerring measure – your soul’s relationship with the Father’s spirit who is within you. And whenever you begin to feel deeply in your soul, a blissful satisfaction in relation to a certain episode, in relation to one or another moment of your living, in relation to one or another action performed, it shows that the moment spent, the action performed, was building up your soul and at the same time was meaningful to your higher self, to your true rather than animal self. 

And the deeper and more often you commune with the Father, the better you begin to assess the meaning of the time of your living and even perceive how eventually to stop wasting your time on satisfying your quantitative interests and start to strive for the implementation of your qualitative moments. And your ability to make a distinction between quantitative and qualitative moments gives evidence to your spiritual stride. And it will ever get stronger if you stride. Any step – both material and spiritual – gets stronger while making it.     

And it will not be long before you will consciously realize that it is your qualitative life that can only be your true life. It is just this living that gives bliss to your soul and delivers you from your material suffering and moments of anxiety. Therefore, you no longer desire to get back to the quantitative moments of living for any material wealth of the world.   

You already understand how to use your material wealth that is in your possession, and that which you carry on earning for the benefit of the whole, and at the same time, convert it into qualitative and spiritual wealth in a material form. And you are capable of doing all of this just because you allowed your soul to be liberated from the dominance of your lower human, animal self so that it could freely grow and turn into your true and higher self, bestowed by the Father in the form of your personality with its potential throughout eternity, who has already managed to make a distinction between the wasting of one’s time and the meaningful moments of one’s living.