148. Vibrations Of Man’s Thinking

My life in the human flesh was, and is, meant to demonstrate to you that even in the human flesh, a son of the Father can achieve a victory over his egoistic and lower self once man establishes a spiritual living relationship with the Father. It is the spirit of the Father who also indwelt me even as he indwells you, who was leading me through all calamities so that I did not feel such fear as I would have felt had I not been in this living communion with the Father. You must realize, and subsequently experience by yourselves, that this living relationship with the Father changes a mortal’s concept of his own physical body as the only vehicle for the existence of his inner self.

When this perception penetrates every single cell of man‘s brain, when this perception completely dominates his brain, and in reality acquires a cumulus and solid appearance, then he realizes that losing his body does not mean anything to his inner self. He already knows very well, and not only perceives, that after the death of his physical body his resurrection shall follow. Even though he has not yet experienced it, his knowledge of it is so firm that it is on the very fringe of his very experience.

When I say that man’s thinking acquires a cumulus and solid appearance, by this I desire to describe to you that the very process of his thinking is like a corresponding energy shape which comprises the wave phenomena which are generated by the brain activity. And the brain activity is not a continuous pulsating line as it is registered by your material devices, but rather has a projection shape. It looks like a cumulus cloud which has both an outer and an inner shape. And the more active the operation of the brain, the more dense is the inside of the cumulus cloud since the energy vibrations within it are changing in their frequency and density. And each frequency has its own tinge and therefore your thinking also expresses a solid cumulus cloud of multiple colors. Should you see the energy operation of your own brain it would be similar to a pulsating cumulus solid cloud. If you could see these vibrations, you would recognize man’s spiritual level according to their color shades, even though you would not yet have spoken to that man. Therefore, nobody can hide from a more developed vision in creation. Thus there is no meaning in hiding one’s thoughts the way you do here on your planet once you begin to lie to each other.

By lying, you destroy the entire structure of the solid cloud of your thinking. You begin to cut it as with a knife, without even giving it a thought that by this you harm yourself. You put into disorder all your energy vibrations in your brain and due to such an inharmonious brain operation, these broken impulses are sent by the brain along absolutely all the nerve channels, and each cell responds to these very distorted nerve impulses. Therefore, it starts to experience a strain and it does not know in which way to operate since it has not been created to function under the conditions of stress. Then a defensive-protective function of the cell is turned on. It begins to slow down its operation to protect itself from an increased, distorted impulse, which has reached it by the living nerve channels. This reaction cannot last for long without changing the cell itself which has been designed to operate under normal conditions. Thus, any lie generates an additional stress to each living cell even though man might not feel this impact for a long time. The body of man, as the whole, is too great to feel any physical pain during this very instance, and the changes in some part of the body right after the lie.

This abnormal reaction is sensed by the cells on their own level while the whole body will feel it after a long time, when the cells themselves will change their activity so much that the organs of man’s body will not manage to perform their functions any longer and the normal operation of the body will be disrupted. It is then that the man will begin to sense that pain starts to disrupt his normal way of living.

You have called this abnormal operation of the body its illness. However, it is actually a disrupted cumulus, multicolored, solid cloud of your brain thinking. To find out the cause of the so-called disease, you must open the program of your “computer“-thinking, and make an attempt to adjust it the way it was designed to operate normally and smoothly by the Programmer – the Father. Then, all the separate parts of your body, responding to the impulses of the program, will also operate normally.

And to ensure the program to operate normally, all the time it is necessary for your computer brain – your thinking – to adhere to the designed regulations provided by the Programmer – the Creator-Father of your program – to keep up a live relationship with the Source of your program in order to protect it from breaking down while trying to deviate from it or even to destroy it by attempting to introduce your own corrections.

I tell you this so that you would ponder that any negative step which you make consciously, after having considered it beforehand, however little it might seem to your eyes, still has influence upon your own body. You begin to realize that even a cigarette, an alcoholic beverage, and the drugs have a negative impact on your body. Even though you do not feel this negative impact right away by the manifestation of pain. Many years might pass since the very first cigarette or any other outer stimulant. However, any smoking, any use of the drugs or alcohol give evidence that the brain activity of this man is distorted and that he desires to restore this distorted program for it is causing him discomfort. However, he does not know how to restore it therefore he resorts to the sideways means, from without – cigarettes, alcohol, drugs – or to other means manifesting themselves from within, such as aggression towards another person, anger even without any visible and obvious reason, revenge, or similar negative emotions. All this calms down his distorted thinking for some time, however, these very live impulses of the distorted thinking program of the brain, channeled by neurons, are felt by each cell. And it is defending itself even as the man, when being innocently attacked. He is shrinking and waiting until this attack passes. If this man’s thinking is not similar to the attacker’s. A man of a similar thinking instantaneously reacts to aggression by still greater aggression. And his cells also react by shrinking. They are not aggressive by themselves. However, the animal brain and the animal way of thinking are still channeling the aggressive impulses and the cells of the whole body literally are forced to start acting under extreme conditions. This extreme regime is exhausting the cell so that it cannot operate under the conditions of coercion and stress for a long time. Therefore its operation for a little while can be prolonged by a narcotized environment, when not only the brain does not understand the nerve-energy signals it is sending to the cells, but even the cells themselves, while making use of the very last resources, are doing their best to carry out the signals sent by the brain as much as they still have energy accumulated within themselves. However, they cannot do more than they can. Therefore, death occurs due to an overdose of the drugs, too much of alcohol, too extensive smoking, too much of stress.

When these distortions of the brain impulses are produced not so intensively, a normal activity of different parts of the body is disrupted in the course of time while on the cell level this coercion has been experienced with the first cigarette or with the first glass of alcohol. Despite the fact that the human continues to live without even feeling great pain yet, his brain activity is transformed and is busy with that for which it has not been designed.