16. The Creator And Reality

Reality is all the space and all time that today, a creature is incapable of either seeing, feeling, or perceiving. Space and time make up movement since one point is reached form another one during a certain duration of time. If there is space and time such a reality must have movement. Otherwise it cannot exist. Where there is space and time there is existence only in the motion there. And on the contrary, The One who creates time and space must transcend time and space for even in this part of Reality the Creator cannot be only as such what He creates, He must always surpass what He creates for it is only the one surpassing that can create what the one creates.

It means that the Creator, The First Source and Center, must transcend both space and time. And that cannot exist in any other manner but for the Creator himself having no motion. Movement means changing. It also means that the Creator himself cannot change. He must be changeless and motionless. Therefore, He must be such who would embrace all the movements and all the changes in the whole creation while himself remaining changeless and motionless. It also means that the venue of His operation, the place He is emanating His vibrations from in order to form up all the reality, the place I have named to you as Paradise, must also correspond to the level of the changeless and motionless Source and Center. Thus, Paradise itself must also be changeless and motionless. It also means that this place must be the only place in all the creation without having movement and being static itself.

Exactly the same might be said about space. The First Source and Center, being capable of creating space, must himself transcend space, and He must be more than space. In a similar way, His abode, Paradise, must be adequate to this Creator, this Source and Center. It means that Paradise must also transcend space even as it transcends time. It also means that Paradise has no space. It is spaceless and timeless. However, it produces space and time. And the movement of the whole creation is going on around Paradise and in respect to Paradise.

Since the First Source and Center is pouring out His energy vibrations upon the whole creation for the reality to appear, it means that He must be as the One who precedes this reality himself. And it means that He transcends the reality. The First Source and Center has to be transcending the reality, bigger than the reality, prior to the reality, more powerful than the reality, wiser than the reality, more flexible than the reality, and by all means He must be alive because He creates such a reality that also has life.

And since He is The First Source and Center nobody could create Him. It means that He always was, even when there was no created reality in existence. It means that He is eternal, looking back upon all the past eternity.

Since The First Source and Center is the Creator of the reality, it means that He creates the reality by ever expanding it even as He has started doing it in the past eternity; and even as He is doing it now; and even as He shall be doing it in the future eternity. And that means that The First Source and Center, the Creator, is not only eternal, but He is even the Source and Center of eternity because He embraces all the eternity in the past and into the future. Therefore He is the Absolute that accommodates within himself everything that was, is, and shall be. And that means that The First Source and Center is always in the present because for Him there is neither past nor future in existence. He embraces it all, simultaneously, and everything moves and develops, changes and grows in His hug that is the only and all-encompassing one. He is holding us all at once like a loving father holds in his arms his beloved little one. But for the earthly father the moment of holding consists of the duration of holding his little child in his arms. While for The First Source and Center this moment continues from the very first moment He has taken the creation in His Creator’s loving hands, and He shall be holding it during all the future eternity; and all the time He shall be holding and cherishing the creation like an earthly father is holding his beloved little child in his arms.

The dwelling abode of The First Source and Center He is emanating His creative vibrations from must also be eternal and absolute for it is from this abode, Paradise, that The First Source and Center is operating.

The First Source and Center cannot be anything lower than a person and personality or else He would not be capable of communicating with that multitude of other personalities who live in the whole creation. I, being created by this First Source and Center, by my Father and the Father of all, can communicate with Him in any place and at any time.

Were He not a personality I would not be able to commune with Him because that one who is lower than a personality can never perceive the one who is a personality.

Therefore, that one’s communication with a personality would not be of the sort to bring in a reciprocal understanding and cooperation as among equal persons.

For you to understand it easier, envision any, even the most developed animal on your planet, and ponder to what degree this animal can cooperate on the equal grounds with man who is of a personality status. Personality is such a form of life whose mind is capable of conceiving such categories as goodness, love, mercy, truth, fairness, value, God, post-mortal life, service, attentiveness, care, and the like. Only a man can perceive these categories on your world; however much you would train an animal it cannot posses that developed brain. Therefore, a mutual association on equal grounds can be among people only. The association of animal with man is not on an equal basis. An animal shall always remain of an inferior status to man, even to a man of the poorest intellect.

Personality can perceive a certain grading of values and can strive for these values and foresee the consequences of this striving for others; even for all humanity, provided that such a human personality has a highly developed cosmic insight. Meanwhile, the animal lives exclusively on the level of its instincts.

Therefore The First Source and Center by no means can be lower than a personality for He is capable not only of associating with other personalities but He himself creates the very first personality and by this becomes The Source of Personality to other personalities. And the first personality created by Him must also be in a similar way eternal and infinite as The First Source and Center being eternal and infinite cannot create anybody else but the one who is eternal and infinite. The One who is eternal and infinite himself also creates such who is eternal and infinite as well.

It is very difficult for you to perceive that The One who is eternal and infinite also creates another eternal and infinite person because this person if he has been created can have no beginning. If he has any beginning, if he has been created he already will not be either eternal or infinite. That is really true. But even the fact that man’s mind is of a personality order and can be ever more developed it is really unable to perceive what eternity and infinity are. It is also unable to perceive that The First Source and Center is permanently operating throughout all eternity without a beginning and end and that He has not been created by anyone. Then where could have He appeared from, how could have He started acting if no one has created Him, how come He has created another similar, eternal, and infinite personality, once He started creating, and how come that other created personality is equally eternal and infinite if he has been created?

Reality is billions upon billions of times more complex than your present mind can perceive it. Therefore, do not attempt at envisioning what, presently, you will not perceive all the same. But always keep in mind such a vantage point that some day in the future you shall stand in the presence of this First Source and Center, the Universal Father. Thus, it will be then that you shall answer the question in detail how it could have been that The First Source and Center could have started existing and acting without the beginning of the beginnings since He has always been present and acting and there has never been such an eternal past that He has not been present and acting in.

And now presenting this narrative about The First Source and Center to you I am making such an enormous simplification to your mind in order that you could perceive not only the qualities and operation of The First Source and Center but also His relationship with His reality, with the creation and life within it.