155. A Bent Tree Of The Scriptures And This Teaching Of Mine

My life in the human flesh two thousand years ago clearly demonstrated to you that love, love, and once again love for the Father, and for all around you, is this path which will solve all the problems of humanity. Simply there is no other choice if you would change your life into that which your soul desires. There is not any other choice. Had there been some other path, and a better one, to create a better life, I would have demonstrated it for you.

Even today, as two thousand years have already passed, not all of you are capable of understanding this path of mine. And the crucial mistake was made by the authors of the gospels who wrote them, not inspired by God, as you perpetually claim, but rather they only rendered their recollections of my teachings already many years after my ascension to the Father. Since none of them understood my teachings the way I had taught them, and their recollections were also tinged with erroneous concepts of my teaching, it has not reached you to the present day either. It is only because of this reason that I allowed the revelation which you received under the name of The Urantia Book, to be presented. This revelation is an enormous piece of work by a large collective of spirits which conveyed the greatest panorama of the present creation and the Father’s operation within His entire family.

At that time man was not yet delivered from the slavery of fear so much that I might have explained to my brethren such teachings which are presented by the revelation of The Urantia Book. Therefore I had to limit my teaching to your capability of perceiving it. However, even this appeared to be too difficult for you, and you started to distort my ideas and my teaching, and you began to adjust them to the environment. I never presented myself as the central figure of my teaching. And Christianity, which is invented by you, created me as its key person around which all Christian dogmas revolve. You must regain your dignity and stretch out from your bent stand, yet you must render to my person such respect and love which you render to each of your brethren, while you must elevate the person of the Father to the very center, and you must love all only with His love.

You must understand that my former teaching and the present one are designed that you not only realize but also experience that the best path of your living is none other but the Father’s path. And you cannot think of any other and better path, however you might desire it. Therefore, through my apostle and the Father’s ambassador, I present this current teaching of mine, having a desire that you would stop to think that the teaching which is presented by the gospels and which now you so often reiterate, provides you with the best path. This is the path invented by you, but it is not the path of my teachings.

I have never taught you that you must raise me and elevate me in complete luminosity, which even would overshadow the luminosity of the Father which uniformly shines to the whole of creation and also to me, even as to you, to each of you.

Like two thousand years ago, as I was in the form visible to your eyes, so now, I use your brother in spirit, in order that you would receive my teaching which your material eyes can read, your material mind can perceive, and your opened soul can experience. You must perceive with all your opened soul that my mission two thousand years ago was exactly the same as this current teaching of mine – to reveal the Father to you and to reveal man to the Father. That I did by my living in the course of which I always taught only love and nothing more. It is only love being felt by the soul that does such deeds which cannot be done by your mind without a solid foundation of love. It is only with the Father’s love that you can firmly stand in your present unquiet and often very stormy life. There simply is no better path than that of the Father throughout the whole of creation. The time has come when I must tell you, as I told you two thousand years ago – I am this path to the Father, I am a living water whose Source is the Father, I am this life bread which is grown by the Father, I am this good shepherd who is from the Father. I and the Father are one in spirit. I have never taught you that I am the source of love which warms you up. However, I told you that I love you even as the Father loves you, that you also must love each other even as I loved you. Now I am telling you – the source of love is the Father who also fills me with His love power so that I can also love you even as the Father loves you, and that you also must love each other even as the Father loves you.

This is the only path which can correct all the errors which you experienced and which you still experience by following the gospels which distorted my teachings. It is only because of this that you still do not dare to associate with the Father and discover Him, the Father himself, within your inner selves. For you are afraid of Him, you did not approach and cuddle up to Him in spirit like the loving children materially cuddle up to their earthly father, not only while suffering in pain or in fear, but even during moments of happiness.

This teaching of mine is meant for the purpose that along with reading the present gospels, you would devote ever greater attention to the studies of this teaching as well as to the true discovery of the Father within you. You must understand that the true path is that which provides your soul with the Father’s love. And the soul cannot experience the Father’s love without sincerely addressing the Father constantly, daily.

I tell you this not the way you are told it by your blind spiritual leaders, priests, who do not live by the Father’s love but rather by a ritualistic reading of the gospel with their cold and calculating material mind, but as such spiritual leader of all of you who is always one with the Father and who desires that you, each of you, also would be one with the Father in spirit.

How will you be one in spirit with the Father if in your prayers you continue to focus your attention only on me as the central person? Provide the Father with a due place in your prayers, and in your lives. Praise Him as it is fit for Him to be praised, even as I praised Him by my entire life, of which you can read the fullest portrayal in the revelation of The Urantia Book.

And by my present teaching I pursued one aim – to expand your perception not only of me and some aspects of creation but also of certain aspects of your present life. Now you have a subsidiary means – this teaching of mine - of how to improve or eliminate these aspects which are hard for you, as unnecessary lumber, preventing your free breathing and your progress.

You have no other alternative but only one – the path to the Father. The other path leads you to the annihilation of your identity. However, your choice is always personal and it is always made by your free will. You choose between a real death and an eternal life. You do not choose between a good path, a better path, and the best path. You choose between the path of living faith, survival, and the path of disappearance from the whole of creation throughout eternity. But having made your choice to survive, you must boldly walk along the path of the Father and follow His leading which is real within each of you.

It is to stimulate you to survive and walk on this Father’s path that I give you this teaching. It is only the Father’s path that guarantees the solution of all your present and painful problems already at the present time; and also during all the time in the future. It is only the Father who is this power of love which will extinguish all fires of wars; it is only the Father’s love that will melt hatred among religions; it is only the Father discovered within you, each of you, that will also enable you to feel me living rather than hanging on the cross; it is only the vibrations of the Father’s love, which have awakened your soul, that will fill it with life so that it will start to serve with good deeds even those who previously were considered to be enemies.

Therefore, your only choice is – together with me, to serve the Father who is the only and eternal Source of love to you, and to me, and to the whole of creation.

Therefore, the person of the Father must shine in its entire brightness within you and in your life even as He was shining within me and in my life when I sojourned in your flesh.

My teaching will provide you not only with understanding that the Father is within your own selves but it also will supply you with resolution to turn to the Father who is not far away on high, as you enjoy repeating it, but who is rather close, even within yourselves. You travel to the Father by your inner turning to Him and by your inner faith in Him, but you cannot escape a meeting with me. Those of you, each of you, who will choose faith-survival will personally meet me. However this meeting will take place when after your resurrection you travel from this initial world of yours much farther away, when you cover the entire stage of your soul testing and teaching and after you become an eternal spirit. Then your vision range will be enormously expanded so that you will already see me with your natural spiritual vision. You will not need assistance of the spiritual beings who would lower the energy vibrations of my spiritual form to the range of your previous vision of the soul.

You will see me and hear my teachings while in the form of the soul too, but our personal meeting, with each of you, will differ from those general meetings during the teaching of your soul.