18. The Simplification Of The Creator

However, once again, I do desire to repeat that in eternity, throughout all the past, the process I have just explained to you has never occurred for there has never been such a moment during all the past eternity without the existence of The Three Sources and Centers, and Paradise, as their dwelling abode.

The narrative you have just read is, by my efforts, a very simplified portrayal of The Three Paradise Eternal Personalities – the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit – to your mind so that you can ponder at least something about their greatness and boundlessness. In any other way it is impossible to reach the human mind that it would form up at least some concept of the presence of the eternal personalities as well as of their mutual relationship.

However, even from this little example, you can clearly understand what an enormous depth lies hidden in these eternal and infinite Three Sources and Centers; and how much it is necessary to simplify them, and by this, distort the description of the reality so that your mind could understand this. And still, even this distorted picture shall enable you to form up much greater concepts about God and the creation than the ones you have entertained to date. For now I am going to speak to you about the Paradise Trinity.